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Digital futures

Digital futures

Aurecon works with organisations and governments to map out their digital future. Helping them understand the actions they can take to navigate the digital landscape and achieve business value through digitisation.

Navigate uncertainty. Anticipate. Act.

The advance of digital technology and its integration into every part of our lives means we are now all more connected than ever before. This interconnectivity has created an increasingly complex and unpredictable environment for organisations.

Industry boundaries are blurring. Traditional definitions of organisations are changing. Questions are arising around time-honoured business theories. Many organisations still do not have mature and robust mechanisms for acting on the challenges presented by these changes. This creates significant risk for the future resilience of these organisations.

Digital Futures draws on Aurecon’s digital engineering and advisory expertise to help clients and partners to better navigate uncertainty, anticipate change and act effectively.

Building digital resilience using strategic foresight and futures research

We help our clients better pre-empt change and make more informed decisions through the application of strategic foresight and futures research methodologies.

We specialise in key areas that advances in digital technologies are reshaping, such as business and economics, the changing nature of work and the impacts of digital innovation. Our approach considers people, process, and technology simultaneously to understand the dynamics between them and support well-considered and better-informed decision making.

Our futures research sheds light on emerging Horizon 2 and Horizon 3 market opportunities, putting them into context and articulating how skills, capabilities, tools and business practices need to change, evolve and develop for our clients to capitalise on them.

We use a range of strategic foresight and research practices to tailor advisory services for clients.

  • Horizon scanning – through identifying and monitoring trends, emerging issues and weak signals in the current external operating environment, we can understand potential future environments. The systematic process of horizon scanning uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative resources.
  • Horizon mapping – understanding the long, medium and short-term impacts of change to generate innovations, make sense of trends and identify uncertainty.
  • Trend analysis – analysing existing trends to understand the trajectories and patterns of change to identify causes, drivers and potential impacts.
  • Systems mapping – exploring the interaction between trends to examine broader patterns and rate of change.
  • Technology mapping – using a systematic approach to categorise and assess the evolution of technologies to diagnose risk, applications and readiness for implementation.
  • Scenarios – helping organisations prepare for the future and reckon with uncertainty by developing a better understanding of the range of plausible future operating environments.
  • Implications analysis – identifying and understanding the implications of future operating environments and developing strategies and tactics to respond.

The Aurecon Futures Playbook is a set of plays, tools and processes, we use to explore and make sense of our potential futures.

Are you ready to shape the future?

Innovation and change is everywhere. To help you make sense of it all, we’ve made our favourite plays from Aurecon’s Futures Playbook available to everyone. Use it to navigate the changing environment, manage uncertainty and forecast business decisions for the future.

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Our services

Horizon scanning

Our teams help organisations undertake in-depth research into areas of interest in order to put them into context. Through our horizon scanning service, we build a research base to inform how skills, capabilities, tools and business practices need to change, evolve and develop for our clients to effectively address future opportunities and risks.

Technology advisory

One of the biggest drivers of change in any human system is technology. Understanding technology, how to use it and when to adopt the next emerging variant is critical to the success of organisations across all sectors and industries.

Aurecon offers cutting-edge frameworks to help our clients make more informed decisions about how and when to respond to technologies as they become relevant to designing, building and managing the built environment and infrastructure.

Scenario development

Organisations today face unprecedented levels of change. Businesses must grapple with technological, socio-economic and environmental change, amongst others.

To help organisations deal with uncertainty and build their digital resilience to change, Aurecon’s experts work with clients to develop scenarios that represent a range of plausible futures and what those futures could mean for their organisation and their infrastructure should they eventuate.

Portfolio of initiatives

Today’s fast-paced and unpredictable world necessitates a different approach to strategy, one that is dynamic, adaptive and action orientated.

Aurecon works with clients to develop a portfolio of initiatives that address the opportunities and risks associated with potential futures. We help formulate initiatives based on futures research findings, monitor their progress, and advise on reinvest in successes or termination of failures.

Our research

Our Digital Futures insights

The results of Our Digital Futures research provide key insights into the issues – and opportunities – that digitisation creates. We share our insights through three reports:

Asian girl looking up at Shanghai Tower

The Digital Landscape

The Digital Landscape gives an understanding of the current and ever-changing digital landscape to plan for the path ahead.

Aurecon's Our Digital Futures Market Research: The Digital Horizons Insights

The Digital Horizon

The Digital Horizon finds four key areas organisation must focus on to thrive in the digital economy.

Aurecon's Our Digital Futures - Your Digital Decisions

Your Digital Decisions

Your Digital Decisions focuses on the immediate digital decisions for people working at both strategic and operational levels of an organisation.

Our guides to help you map your digital future

At Aurecon we have developed a range of publications which explore key areas such as the shifting nature of business and economics, the changing nature of work and the impacts of disruptive technology to help you make informed decisions for your organisation.

Download these publications below.

Technology Vectors – Exploring the changing landscape of disruptive technologies - Aurecon

Technology Vectors

This guide covers 120 key technologies across the architecture, engineering and construction industry. Categorised into six clusters, we put technology into context by exploring its global maturity and the scale of which it has been applied.

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How zero marginal cost economics will revolutionise the built world

Zero Marginal Cost Economics

This edition of the Business Series has been designed to present you with a fresh view of the zero marginal cost concept, how the advance of digital technologies are giving it renewed importance and how it will impact the built world.

Read summary › Download guide ›
How digital technology is reshaping the nature of our workforces

Workforce for a Digital Future

This report explores some of the key digital skills and capabilities that our industry needs to invest in for the future and how organisations need to adapt in order to effectively support and grow these skills.

Read summary › Download guide ›

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