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Digital engineering & advisory

Digitising engineering, design and ways of working

We use our digital engineering expertise to help clients transform their businesses. Compliance is a start, but we also help you confidently procure, manage, and leverage digital asset information and data across your asset’s lifecycle.

Digitising assets and using digital tools to manage asset data is now a business imperative. Understanding how to use asset information requires skills and systems across your business. Your business needs both the data infrastructure and human capability to enable information to be planned, procured, and leveraged to inform operational and strategic decision-making.

We know your business and its assets. Whether it is a discrete component, process, or program of work, our teams add value to companies like yours across the asset lifecycle and beyond.

Digital solutions we offer

Digital Enablement

Drive your asset value and organisational change through our digital advisory. We consider your people, processes, information requirements, and technology to advise implementation.

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Digital Enablement

Data & Analytics

Unlock the power of data & analytics to transform your business through data strategy, data management, asset management, operational management, and planning and design.

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Data and Analytics

Creative Technology

We blend industry-leading software development capability with our subject matter experts to create solutions and products which connect the digital and physical worlds.

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Creative Technology


Leading storytelling and visualisation team Unsigned Studio create immersive and interactive project experiences which connect communities and stakeholders, communicating your vision for major infrastructure and built environment projects.

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Agile and Connected

The digitisation of infrastructure creates ways to envision design solutions and improve whole-of-life asset performance.

We keep pace with the developing digital environment and support your business to become agile and connected.

Make well-informed capital investment decisions with our deep technical design capability and advisory expertise. We work with you to understand your digital landscape, explore your digital horizon, and develop your digital strategy.

Digital at Aurecon
Digital disruption refers to the change that occurs when new digital technologies and business models affect how we do business. We see digital disruption as an opportunity for you to do business better.

Digital at Aurecon

Organisations and governments must fundamentally rethink their planning, strategy, and business processes. Collaboration through digital platforms and analytics is key.

Aurecon invested heavily in digital transformation to deliver you a better product both in immediate delivery and across the asset lifecycle.

Your needs inform the ideas we invest in and our business models. We connect with clients to support them in building, transforming, and optimising their assets. Reimagining end-to-end experience, from visualisation to planning, is the goal.

To support and strengthen our ability to deliver digital engineering and advisory services, we have digital leaders across our network, who support and engage with our clients and people to co-create the future.

The marketplace and our clients’ needs inform the ideas we invest in. We focus on connecting with our clients to recognise the digital changes we’ve made and to support them in building, transforming and optimising their assets.

Our digital vision in the Asian market is brought to life through the Regional Centre of Excellence for Digital Engineering, based in Ho Chi Minh City, where our team is dedicated to solving our clients’ challenges around emerging digital technologies and alternative business models.

We are committed to changing the way we analyse and solve our client's’ increasingly complex urban design and infrastructure challenges. Our ability to find the 'why' at the heart of each project and bring it to life through our creative technology and visualisation expertise, and specialist Unsigned Studio team, allows our clients to experience projects in a new way. Completely reimagining the end-to-end experience, from visualisation to planning, construction and launch.


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