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Digital engineering & advisory

Digital engineering & advisory

At Aurecon, our passion for digital is driving us to work with clients, using our digital engineering and advisory expertise to support them in taking control of their digital possibilities to improve their businesses. 

Increasingly, our client conversations are telling us that businesses are embracing digital technology and the almost endless possibilities created by digital disruption. 

Our digital expertise encompasses the way we work, how we share knowledge, collaborate and communicate. It’s essential to develop digital solutions, tools and expertise to improve whole of life performance on every project we deliver with clients. 

Currently, many businesses are in a digital limbo, with a part of them knowing they should do something ‘digital’ and another part unwilling to commit in case they make a wrong call. Aurecon’s digital team and strategy focuses on keeping pace with the developing digital environment and supporting businesses to become agile and connected.

Changing the game

We believe that the creation of ‘digital studios’ is a game changer for engineering and architecture firms of the future. Gaming technology, augmented and virtual reality, as well as 3D, are having a huge impact on how the vision for major infrastructure and built environment projects are being communicated to project stakeholders, including Government, investors and the public.


In March 2018, the acquisition of a specialised team of digital designers and creative strategists has enhanced our access to new technologies, and combined with storytelling techniques, these are transforming digitisation across Aurecon.

We have further extended our 'digital' vision to the Asian market with the Regional Centre of Excellence for Digital Engineering, based in Singapore. Staffed by our Digital Futures team, the Centre is dedicated to help solving our clients’ challenges with emerging digital technologies and alternative business models.

We are committed to changing the way we analyse and solve our client's increasingly complex urban design and infrastructure challenges. Our ability to find the 'why' at the heart of each project and bring it to life through film, print, installation and interactive technologies allows our clients to experience projects in a way they never have before – completely reimagining the end-to-end experience, from visualisation to planning, construction and launch.

What can digital do for you?

Digital disruption is changing the way we interact, how we live our lives and the future we are creating. It is changing the face of industry, government and social engagement.

Digital possibilities

To thrive in the digital future, organisations and governments need to fundamentally rethink their planning, strategy and business processes, create connected digital platforms, and improve their analytics and collaboration.

In the past, our market has developing distinctive capabilities – people, processes and systems. This is why at Aurecon we have combined our deep technical design capability, with our advisory expertise to deliver technically-led advisory services that empower clients to make well-informed capital decisions.

Aurecon's digital advisory helps clients to improve productivity and value from their asset portfolios through digital transformation. Our team assists clients in planning, procuring and managing their digitally connected enterprises to not only future proof businesses but importantly to exploit the opportunities a digital future presents. We support clients throughout the digital transformation process by delivering deep business insight to help improve value and performance of assets.

How we deliver digital solutions

To support and strengthen our ability to deliver digital engineering and advisory to clients, we have digital leaders across our global network. We have an agreed digital approach to work planning and execution that is common across our business.

We are supporting and engaging our people to co-create your digital future. The ideas that we invest in are informed by the marketplace and our clients’ needs. We focus on connecting with our clients to recognise the digital changes we’ve made and to support them in building, transforming and optimising their own assets.

We do this through thought leadership, research and innovation. We are building on the ‘Our Digital Futures’ insights with agenda-shaping thinking.


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