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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out how Aurecon collects, uses and manages personal information about individuals. Aurecon views personal privacy as an important issue and is committed to respecting the privacy and security of personal information provided to or collected by Aurecon. This policy also forms part of the terms of use of Aurecon’s internet websites. This policy may be updated from time to time and can be viewed at or downloaded free of charge from Aurecon’s internet website:

Information collected
In order to conduct its functions and activities, Aurecon may collect and hold personal information about an individual, including name, date of birth, gender, business or home address, contact details, occupation, professional qualifications and experience, employer, financial information and Aurecon internet webpages accessed.  

How personal information is collected and held
Personal information may be collected directly from the individual, from the individual’s agents or representatives, third parties who the individual has asked or expressly or implicitly authorised to provide or disclose the personal information, credit reporting bodies or law enforcement or statutory bodies. It may be collected in person, in writing, over the telephone, online or by other electronic means and may be held by Aurecon, its agents or third party suppliers on written paper records or electronically.

The purpose of collecting personal information
Personal information will be collected and used or disclosed by Aurecon for the purposes of conducting its business activities, for legal or regulatory compliance activities as required by law or good business practice or for the purposes for which the information is provided. The purposes include:

  • recruitment and employment opportunities;
  • promotion of Aurecon's services, including details of events and seminars;
  • performing its professional services and duties;
  • assessing prospective clients and projects, including risk and creditworthiness;
  • handling or defending complaints, disputes or claims;
  • undertaking research relating to professional services activities; and
  • passing information to Aurecon’s related companies, credit agencies, government agencies and legal and professional service providers where appropriate.

Aurecon as a global business holds information and data in numerous countries. It may therefore transfer personal information or data to Aurecon offices or locations and in data centres in any country, but only for the above mentioned lawful purposes and subject always to this privacy policy and the laws of the relevant country. The locations or countries in which Aurecon operates are available under the “Locations” tab at:

Security and Internet Websites
Aurecon takes reasonable security measures to protect personal information, but unauthorised access remains a possibility. Aurecon will not take responsibility for anyone outside of Aurecon’s control breaching its security measures. Aurecon may make non-Aurecon websites available through hyperlinks on its website which are not subject to Aurecon's privacy policy. Aurecon is not responsible for those sites and the privacy policy, conditions of use and security of those websites should be assessed by the user before use.

Removal or Change of Person Details and Complaints
If a person wishes to view, correct, update or remove personal details held by Aurecon, or has any questions, concerns or complaints regarding privacy or Aurecon’s management of personal information, Aurecon may be contacted  at or at the relevant office address or telephone number listed at Aurecon will review or process the request or matter and provide a response as soon as practicable. Aurecon respects the right of individuals to remain anonymous.

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