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Digital ways of working now and into the future

‘Digital’ transforms the physical – our cities, our workplaces, our homes, our environment, our people, our systems, our assets.

It can help us solve problems and overcome challenges, be more efficient, work smarter and generate new opportunities. But achieving these outcomes now and into the future heavily depends on how well you transition into, and how effectively you navigate through, this complex digital world.

Helping others make sense of the ‘now’ and be future ready is important to us at Aurecon. So important that we set out on one of our most intensive market research journeys yet – with the ultimate destination being to help our clients understand the actions they can take to navigate the labyrinthian digital landscape of 2019 and beyond.

Unearthing digital challenges and barriers

Our research – a combination of online surveys and deep dive interviews with a wide range of professionals and specialist futurists from across the world – uncovers what ‘digital’ means to our clients and their businesses, revealing the major barriers and challenges in the constantly evolving digital space.

To be released over three waves as the The Digital Landscape, The Digital Horizon and Your Digital Strategy, the results of Our Digital Futures research provide key insights into the issues – and opportunities – that digitisation creates.

Explore our report below or download the PDF versions here:

Identifying actionable insights

Building on the discoveries unearthed in Aurecon’s 2016 Digital Futures research, our latest insights lay an even stronger foundation for Aurecon and our clients to tackle challenges and realise the possibilities created by digital ways of working, now and into the future.

The insights shared will help our clients recognise what they can be doing now, and will answer their most pressing questions relating to digital:

Our research reveals major barriers and challenges around digitisation and provides insights into the opportunities created by digital ways of working now and into the future.


  • Digital literacy
  • Iterative digital strategy
  • Digital ownership
  • Demonstrating return on investment
  • Regulatory compliance


  • Improve consensus/understanding of digital: ensure the definition of digital is shared within organisations.
  • Asset performance: use digital to create new revenue streams and show return on digital investment. Also, introduce automated systems to collect data on the physical performance of assets.
  • Organisational performance: bring focus, strategy, people, revenue together and elevate and specify responsibility for digital out of singular departments and up to the chief digital executive.
  • Connecting systems: combining technology, experience, people to gain a competitive advantage (connecting disparate systems and platforms, helping them talk to each other).
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Explore our digital futures

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The Digital Landscape

Understand the current and ever-changing digital landscape to plan for the path ahead with wave one of our research.

Digital Horizon

The Digital Horizon

Wave two of our research identifies four key areas organisations must focus on to thrive in the digital economy.

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Your Digital Strategy


Watch this space for the last wave our research!




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