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Digital ways of working now and into the future

It can help us solve problems and overcome challenges, be more efficient, work smarter and generate new opportunities. But achieving these outcomes now and into the future heavily depends on how well you transition into, and how effectively you navigate through, this complex digital world.

Helping others make sense of the ‘now’ and be ready for the future is important to us at Aurecon. So important that we set out on one of our most intensive market research journeys yet – with the ultimate destination being to help our clients understand the actions they can take to navigate the labyrinthian digital landscape of 2019 and beyond.

Unearthing digital challenges and barriers

Our research – a combination of online surveys and deep dive interviews with a wide range of professionals and specialist futurists from across the world – uncovers what ‘digital’ means to our clients and their businesses, revealing the major barriers and challenges in the constantly evolving digital space.

To be released over three waves as the The Digital Landscape, The Digital Horizon and Your Digital Decisions, the results of Our Digital Futures research provide key insights into the issues – and opportunities – that digitisation creates.

‘Digital’ transforms the physical – our cities, our workplaces, our homes, our environment, our people, our systems, our assets.

Explore our digital futures insights

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The Digital Landscape

Understand the current and ever-changing digital landscape to plan for the path ahead with wave one of our research.

Digital Horizon

The Digital Horizon

Wave two of our research identifies four key areas organisations must focus on to thrive in the digital economy.

Aurecon's Our Digital Futures - Your Digital Decisions

Your Digital Decisions

Wave three explores the decision making that will help organisations realise the possibilities of digital ways of working.

Our guides to help you navigate through uncertainty

Mass digitisation is influencing all aspects of our lives, from the workplace to our homes and across the built and natural environments.

The evolution of digital technology has seen the creation of new opportunities, new markets and new value whilst rapidly causing existing products and services to become obsolete. To adapt quickly to the fast-changing nature of operational environments, organisations are re-thinking their approach to people, processes and technology to remain competitive.

At Aurecon we have developed a range of publications which explore key areas such the shifting nature of business and economics, the changing nature of work and the impacts of disruptive technology to help you make informed decisions for your organisation.

Download these publications below.


Andrew Maher, Chief Digital Officer, Aurecon

Andrew Maher

Group Managing Principal, Eminence, Digital & Innovation
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