The Good, the Bad and the AI of It All

Danielle Bond and Anne Gregory | 11 September 2019 | 25:28


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Show notes

As portrayed so aptly in the Netflix documentary The Great Hack that shed light on Cambridge Analytica’s Facebook data scandal, there are rising concerns around how users’ data is leveraged for political and commercial gain.

With the growth of artificial intelligence or AI, technology will play an even greater role in our lives. AI will significantly change not only the type of work performed in many professions but also the roles themselves over the coming years.

But what about the ethical challenges that AI also bring? If AI is used for simulation of human intelligence processes, what role do professionals have as ethical guardians in the work they do? What’s at stake if we get it wrong? In many ways, the rise of AI is just as much a new frontier for ethics and risk as it is for emerging technology.

In this final episode of Season 1 of Engineering Reimagined, Professor Anne Gregory, a Professor of Corporate Communication at the University of Huddersfield and Danielle Bond, Global Head of Marketing and Communications at Aurecon, discuss some of the ethical risks and challenges that AI could pose. We also explore the possibility of creating governing bodies to mandate standards and guidelines around how AI can be used ethically.

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Danielle Bond, Aurecon

Danielle Bond

Global Head of Marketing and Communications, Aurecon

“There's a lot of talk about big data. The data might show there's a correlation between various data points, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's causation and nor does it mean that it's the right answer.”

Danielle is the Global Head of Marketing and Communications at Aurecon where she works closely with leadership to develop and execute integrated marketing and communications programmes. She is also a global board member of the International Association of Business Communicators.

Being an award-winning Marketing & Communications professional, she believes that brand strategy is both a passion and a strength. She likes to work in a high performing team and firmly believes that creativity and innovation thrive when people can have fun at work.

Anne Gregory

Anne Gregory

Professor of Corporate Communication, University of Huddersfield

“It's an incredibly powerful technology, and I guess the key question for me is: “Is the technology there to help human decision-making and enhance our lives, or is it going to control us?”

Anne is a Professor of Corporate Communication at the University of Huddersfield in the United Kingdom. She has led numerous specialist research and consultancy programmes for public and private sector clients and is a former chair of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management.

In addition to her teaching and international research, Anne is also a Reviewer of Government Departmental Communications and an acknowledged authority on ethics, artificial intelligence, strategic communication, and capability. She has received awards for her exceptional contribution to the profession.

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