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Episode twelve: Conversations from the World Engineers Convention

Various speakers from the World Engineers Convention 2019 in Melbourne | 04 December 2019 | 17:32

Last month more than 3000 engineers from around the world descended on Melbourne for the World Engineers Convention. Engineering Reimagined established a recording studio in the exhibition hall of the event and we captured some fascinating conversations, highlights of which are featured in this special bonus episode.

In this episode of Engineering Reimagined, our roster of Aurecon podcast hosts were fortunate enough to speak to a handful of speakers about everything from flying cars, what makes a good engineer, the impact of renewable energy projects on bushfires, and much, much more.

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29 January 2020
Season 2 of Engineering Reimagined, with new host Maria Rampa

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About Engineering Reimagined


Throughout history, engineers have been leaders in inventing and creating some of society’s most ground-breaking developments. Just think of the Egyptian pyramids, Roman viaducts, the aeroplane, skyscrapers – the list is endless!

But what role do engineers play today, and what does the future hold?

Welcome to Engineering Reimagined. In this podcast series we will explore how, like engineers, people from all walks of life are reimagining the future and their leadership roles in it.

Technology is disrupting our world at a faster rate than any other change in our history. To meaningfully contribute, and to continue to lead society in some of its greatest advancements, engineering needs to be reimagined. Humanity still depends on engineering to help solve the wicked problems our world faces. Not only can engineers make things ‘work’; they can use smart thinking, combined with digital technologies, and a focus on human-centred outcomes to co-create a future in which communities and individuals can thrive.

Each episode will feature an interviewer speaking to a different guest. What can we learn from their compelling and inspiring stories to help us reimagine engineering, to lead the world to a better future?

Meet podcast narrator, Kalay Maistry

Veteran broadcaster Kalay Maistry lends her voice-over abilities to Engineering Reimagined as the podcast season one narrator.

Following a highly successful career in broadcasting, which included her role as Southern Africa Correspondent at global television network Al Jazeera English, Kalay now uses her natural storytelling expertise to enable brands to connect with their customers.

Kaly Maistry - Aurecon's Engineering Reimagined podcast narrator

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