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Case study: Virtual signal sighting walkover

Aurecon's Troy Burton, Mass Transit Expertise Leader, and Michael Gardiner, 3D Visualisation Leader, discuss in this technical paper originally presented at the 2012 Conference of Railway Engineering (CORE2012).

Markets: Transport
Expertise: Rail & mass transit

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Where are the minerals

Where have all the minerals gone?

The mines are getting further from the beach. Aurecon's Andrew Keith's talks about a key issue facing new mine developments globally as we move further into the 21st century.

Markets: Resources & chemicals

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Will urbanisation break the big cities?

Will urbanisation break the big cities?

Currently, about 60 million people move into cities every year. That’s more than one million more people arriving every week, in a city somewhere in the world, each with an expectation of better access to jobs, better education for their children, better health-care and a better quality of life.

Markets: Data & telecommunications, Energy, Government, Health, Water
Expertise: Integrated transport & mobility, Infrastructure & risk advisory

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World Environment Day 2013

World Environment Day 2013: Reducing food wastage

On 2013’s World Environment Day themed “Think.Eat.Save”, Digby Hall, Aurecon Senior ESD Specialist, shares some challenging and achievable goals to reduce food wastage and improve communities negatively impacted by global consumption.

Markets: Property
Expertise: Building design

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