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Community engagement

Traditional consultation is dead

Kylie Cochrane

Aurecon’s Joel Fredericks and Kylie Cochrane on the impact of digital technology on the future of consultation.

Markets: Water, Property
Expertise: Communications & stakeholder engagement, Building design, Digital engineering & advisory, Infrastructure & risk advisory, Water infrastructure engineering & advisory

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Firewall protecting surrounding assets

Transformer fire risk mitigation

Aurecon's Barry Grib talks about how safety in the engineering environment is increasingly being improved through the use of innovative 3D design.

Markets: Energy
Expertise: Power transmission & distribution

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Tube ligament

Understanding steam and thermal fatigue

Structural integrity analysis is helping asset owners better understand the risk of damage to their infrastructure and the mitigation measures they can employ to avoid costly equipment replacement.

Markets: Energy
Expertise: Power generation

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BIM in action: Melbourne Park

Utilising BIM to its full capacity – a roundtable discussion

Stephen Logan, Leader for Building Sciences, Quentin Jackson,Service Leader for Environmental Modelling, and John Hainsworth, who leads its BIM team within Buildings, expand on what Building Information Modelling (BIM) really is, and open the window on its potential.

Markets: Property, Building information modelling (BIM) for Built Environment
Expertise: Sports & entertainment, Building design

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Case study: Virtual signal sighting walkover

Aurecon's Troy Burton, Mass Transit Expertise Leader, and Michael Gardiner, 3D Visualisation Leader, discuss in this technical paper originally presented at the 2012 Conference of Railway Engineering (CORE2012).

Markets: Transport
Expertise: Rail & mass transit

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