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Are current project dimensions leaving you stuck in a 2D world

Are current project dimensions leaving you stuck in a 2D world

Rapidly emerging technologies such as 3D terrestrial laser scanning, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Building Information Modelling (BIM) are all converging to create a new delivery model for construction projects and their subsequent asset management programmes.

Markets: Construction
Expertise: Bridges & civil structures, Geospatial systems, Building design

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Manufacturers use asset optimisation to extract value

For manufacturers working in a competitive global market environment, product price point is an imperative. And yet, the intelligent optimisation of assets, which can have a major impact on reducing production costs, is an area often overlooked.

Markets: Manufacturing
Expertise: Manufacturing, Asset management & performance

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Aurizon coal train

Rail boom: how to maximise supply chain efficiency

Rail is becoming bigger, longer, faster and more costly as complex mining provinces are developed in remote locations. Mike Foley spoke to Aurecon’s Ken Devencorn who said supply chain integration and automation are key to facilitating development.

Markets: Resources & chemicals, Transport
Expertise: Rail & mass transit, Transport

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Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal, Australia

Mining infrastructure: from pit to port


Andrew Keith, Aurecon’s Mining Infrastructure Leader spoke with Australian Mining on the economics of pit to port transportation alternatives.

Markets: Transport, Resources & chemicals
Expertise: Bulk transport, Infrastructure & risk advisory, Industrial machines & ports

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Rail Signalling

Rail signalling: Q&A

In this round table, four of Aurecon's leading rail signalling experts in both passenger and heavy haul rail networks, talk about the issues facing the industry.

Markets: Transport
Expertise: Rail & mass transit

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Abbot point terminal

Optimising your bulk minerals export chain

Aurecon's John Leech provides an introduction to some of the typical interactions that exist between the components of a mine to ship bulk export chain.

Markets: Resources & chemicals
Expertise: Bulk transport, Industrial machines & ports

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