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Mining business model - due for a fresh approach


Andrew Keith, Mine Services Leader at Aurecon, explains that, as major mining capital projects fail to achieve the desired project outcomes, it is time to step away from a reliance on geology, mining and processing to drive productivity improvement.

Markets: Resources
Expertise: Resources

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Manufacturers use asset optimisation to extract value

For manufacturers working in a competitive global market environment, product price point is an imperative. And yet, the intelligent optimisation of assets, which can have a major impact on reducing production costs, is an area often overlooked.

Markets: Manufacturing
Expertise: Manufacturing, Asset management

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John Mason

Delivering programme change management to improve asset performance

John Mason, Leader – Programme, Portfolio & Project Management at Aurecon catches up with Dennis (‘Denny’) Plockmeyer. John and Denny discuss the challenges of managing huge asset management programmes for the US Navy and the rebuilding programme in Iraq following the war in 2003.

Markets: Defence & national security
Expertise: Program advisory

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City of Lights

The forgotten elements of sustainable lighting design

Sustainable lighting design is more than achieving a watts per metre square target. It should consider the entire lighting system - from the materials used to the location of the manufacturers and the ongoing maintenance.

Markets: Property, Commercial office buildings
Expertise: Building design

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Collaborating to complete

Collaborating to compete: A smarter way

Building a collaborative business model, which integrates skills and capabilities across companies in ways that are difficult for competitors to replicate, can deliver competitive advantage. The selection of the right skills and capabilities is therefore a strategic task.

Markets: Manufacturing
Expertise: Manufacturing

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