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Delivering sustainable design of the health system and generate better health and well-being outcomes for patients.

How do we inject sustainability into healthcare?

With the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare must engage in sustainable design solutions to reduce operational costs and generate better health for patients.

Markets: Health, Property
Expertise: Asset management, Building design, Sustainability & climate change

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Repowering a key consideration for wind farms reaching their end-of-life for unceasing benefits of wind power as a renewable and endless supply.

We plan for retirement, but what about our wind farms?

Owners and operators of first generation wind turbines must now decide what’s best for their ageing infrastructure: decommissioning, repowering or extending their life.

Markets: Energy, Renewable energy
Expertise: Asset management, Power generation, Power transmission & distribution

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Aurecon has partnered with AIPM addressing the role of project management in leading economic recovery and program delivery in Australia.

Specialist project management, the engine of successful economic recovery

Aurecon and AIPM highlight the importance of project management in Australia's economic recovery and in creating resilient infrastructure that is fit-for-purpose.

Markets: Aviation, Construction, Data & telecommunications, Defence & national security, Education & research, Energy, Government, Health, Manufacturing, Property, Resources , Transport, Water
Expertise: Asset management, Digital engineering & advisory, Infrastructure advisory, Program advisory

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