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The evolution of Adelaide’s Riverbank precinct

Precincts are places of purpose and a strong vision. They are curated and coordinated in an integrated way to achieve economic growth, better development outcomes, job creation and liveable communities. Sometimes they develop organically in the initial stages, prior to a realisation of their full potential.

The Adelaide Riverbank precinct is one example of a precinct that has developed over time, initially growing out of the award-winning redevelopment of Adelaide Oval, which triggered a transformation of the surrounding area into a precinct that today provides a network of active spaces and recreational, cultural, sporting and academic destinations – enticing people to explore the city’s Riverbank.

The Adelaide Riverbank is the heart of the city, and a one-of-its-kind, as the river’s southern edge features a network of built forms, while open spaces and parklands occupy the northern edge. An architecturally unique footbridge is the link that connects the two sides of the river to beat as one heart – offering panoramic views along the River Torrens and towards the interconnecting stories.

Adelaide Riverbank Footbridge

Even as the individual projects have developed over time along the Riverbank, the adoption of a precinct mindset has shaped the story of revitalisation and activation for South Australia’s future growth and success.

Infrastructure advisors and engineers have a vital role to play in precinct planning, to ensure that each new construction speaks cohesively to the precinct and its surrounding built or natural forms. Being able to consider the Riverbank precinct through a commercial, technical and advisory lens has determined how assets best fit together, and with the city.

This mindset provides social, economic and investment benefits. Making ideal use of the facilities minimises the risk of duplicating investments, while at the same time, the precinct is fully utilised. The efficiency of co-locating facilities entices people into the precinct, and neighbouring area, for more than one activity, such as choosing a restaurant to dine in before attending an event at the arena.

Momentum generated by cohesive and complementary incorporation of new developments into the overarching precinct provides the perfect opportunity to connect with and leverage off other investments, creating integrated destinations.

Adelaide, like many other modern cities, continues to grow, and well-integrated and designed precinct solutions contribute to the desirable ‘liveability’ of an environment for today’s needs and our future generations.

Connecting Riverbank assets for economic growth and success

Aurecon is privileged to have played key roles in many of the Riverbank precinct’s outstanding features.

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Creation of an iconic oval grandstand

Aurecon provided building services on the striking 53 000-seat oval with its grandstand roof being among the lightest in Australia. The development has been the recipient of numerous awards. The long-span floor structures maximise space flexibility and ease of pedestrian movement.

Adelaide Oval

The River Torrens Bridge

After winning an international design competition, Aurecon was appointed the lead consultant for the design and management of the 255-metre-long pedestrian bridge wrapped by 2,000 square metres of curved glass cladding.

The curvilinear, sleek, elegant and slender form integrates effortlessly into the built forms and parklands on either side of the river, providing opportunities for ‘plug and play’ mini events as a piece of ‘theatre’ on the river.

It provides a picturesque link between the Riverbank Precinct and Adelaide Oval, creating pedestrian access to entertainment, dining and leisure activities on both sides of the river.

Adelaide Oval Torrens Bridge

New Royal Adelaide Hospital

The 800-bed New Royal Adelaide Hospital forms a critical part of the future of South Australia’s Biomed City, which brings together healthcare, education, research and business development in one precinct.

In partnership with SA Health, Aurecon assisted with the programme direction and services for the new hospital, which has the largest automated microbiology system in the southern hemisphere, and world-class technology to support the timely diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases.

New Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia

Adelaide Convention Centre

The award-winning Adelaide Convention Centre Redevelopment project incorporated two phases: the first phase that created the West Building, and the second phase that saw a new East Building replace the existing Plenary Building.

Aurecon was involved in both stages, contributing a comprehensive range of services including structural, civil, geotechnical, environmental, traffic, specialist vibration, fire, rail, wind and façade engineering.

Phase one works included the expansion of the existing exhibition facility to the West above the railway lines and linking the new structure to the Montefiore Road Bridge. The West Building spans the constricted rail corridor with two mega trusses, making it more like a bridge than a building.

Adelaide Convention Centre Redevelopment

The client’s requirement was for iconic architecture, distinctive and emblematic of South Australia. The structural steel solutions that Aurecon provided enabled the project team to deliver an outstanding result that blends an expressed structure with an architectural appearance inspired by the Flinders Ranges in outback South Australia.

Innovative solutions were used to build the new East Building on top of the existing car park. By researching every possible design solution, investigating geotechnical records and finding new ways to manipulate structural load paths, the design team was able to create a new, state-of-the-art facility without having to put a single new pile on the project site. The new East Building is an outstanding example of a world-class conference centre.

Precincts create connectedness

Removing barriers to the establishment of a precinct takes a connected mindset. Precincts leverage connections between people, connections to place, mobility connections, communication connections, technological connections and connections between government and people.

Precincts with high levels of connectivity are more vibrant, more productive, and more interesting than those that don’t. Adelaide Riverbank’s legacy is creativity, and innovation, and unlocks further potential to promote connectivity.

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Precincts: Place Reimagined

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Zamina is a Manager within Aurecon's Advisory team. She has 20 years’ experience spanning a number of industries, working with clients that range from start-ups to multinationals. Zamina has the unique ability to map key social and physical infrastructure within a precinct, integrating infrastructure within the surrounding context, including the relationship to areas outside the precinct.

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