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Aurecon team operating the drone using a programmed flight path

How drones are changing the way we design, deliver and manage assets

Aurecon’s Ralph Loesche explores how drones are having a significant impact on how we design and deliver aspects of our built environment, which has the potential to change the way we live and work.

Markets: Data & Telecommunications
Expertise: Asset management, Bulk water, Dams, Digital engineering & advisory, Environment & planning, Geospatial systems, Infrastructure advisory, Ports & marine, Power transmission & distribution, Program and Project Management, Rail & mass transit, Roads & transport networks, Water & wastewater treatment

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Digital readiness to deliver infrastructure

Digital readiness to deliver world-class infrastructure

The task of planning and constructing infrastructures is fusing with digital technologies that will help us not only plan and build the infrastructure, but operate, maintain and monitor it at a quality and cost we’ve never before seen.

Markets: Transport, Intelligent Transport Systems
Expertise: Digital engineering & advisory

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