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An integrated approach to active transport

Changing gears: an integrated approach to active transport

How do we transform recent commuter behaviour into a lasting shift towards healthier, safer and more sustainable transport choices after COVID-19?

– Alex van Gent & Antony Johnstone, Integrated transport & mobility

Markets: Government, Transport
Expertise: Integrated transport & mobility, Infrastructure advisory

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Pandemic procurement - managing risk through COVID-19

Managing procurement risk through the COVID-19 pandemic

A traditional approach to procurement does not consider the new material impacts of COVID-19. How can you adjust your procurement strategy to balance certainty and risk?

– Norm Castles & Trevor Manners, Infrastructure Advisory

Markets: Construction, Government, Transport
Expertise: Infrastructure advisory

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Night sky exposed stars - Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

The underestimated challenge of an accelerated capital programme

Asset owners often fail to unlock the potential of an accelerated capital programme. What best practices can help them improve business risk and performance?

– Rob Beckman & Elisha Bellchambers, Quartile One Asset Performance

Markets: Defence & National Security
Expertise: Quartile one asset performance, Asset management, Infrastructure advisory, Program advisory

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Colourful buildings – Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

How programmatic project management improves outcomes for cost, risk and business performance

Asset owners can deliver similar projects through a programme of common groupings to drive greater certainty for cost, risk and business performance.

– Stephen Carroll, Defence Infrastructure Industry Director & Chris Woodward, Program Advisory

Markets: Defence & National Security, Government, Health
Expertise: Asset management, Infrastructure advisory, Risk and resilience advisory, Program advisory

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Man standing on mountain cliff edge - Photo by McCall Alexander on Unsplash

Criticality and risk as an approach to asset investment

Aurecon looks at how asset owners can identify the most critical assets that support their business strategy through the lens of risk to ensure the right investment. – Mayuran Sivapalan, ANZ Risk Lead

Markets: Defence & National Security, Energy, Government, Resources
Expertise: Asset management, Infrastructure advisory

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