Teda Soccer Stadium

World-leading Stadia

World-leading sports stadia

Aurecon’s World-leading sports stadia

The concept behind a sports stadium has come full circle, from a place to see your favourite athletes pitting their skills against competitors, to a modern Roman Colosseum where the public gather, clutching smart phones, for a multimedia and multi-sensorial experience! This is a field which Aurecon both works in and is passionate about. Our experts have built up extensive knowledge in this field through years of experience on some of the most iconic sports stadia ever created. This new series will share our people’s latest insights on designing world-leading sports stadia, including the technical and commercial techniques that ensure game-changing sporting facilities.

Smart cities are transforming their stadia beyond legacy usages

Sports stadia – Smart cities’ transformers

Can stadia be places for more than major sporting events, a home for one’s team, a destination for a code’s followers and global symbol for Olympic Games? Aurecon's Kourosh Kayvani and Mark Sheldon discusses how these costly structures could be utilised for the benefit of communities and ensure a social ROI.

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Our Projects – World-leading design

World-leading stadium design means thinking outside of the box to deliver innovative designs that maximise a stadium’s potential. Read more about some of Aurecon's world-leading stadia projects.

Marvel Stadium, Melbourne

Marvel Stadium

Aurecon helped take a brownfield railway site to a world-class stadium with a seating capacity of up to 70 000 seats for concerts and events.

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RAC Arena at night

RAC Arena

Through its breath-taking design, RAC Arena has quickly become a Perth landmark and reportedly Australia’s finest venue public amenity in Perth’s central entertainment precinct.

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TEDA Soccer stadium

TEDA Soccer Stadium

China’s magnificent Tianjin Technological Development Area (TEDA) Soccer Stadium is the centrepiece of the commercial expansion of Tianjin’s bustling Economic-Technological Development Area.

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Wembley stadium - the grounds

Wembley Stadium

Originally developed as the main attraction of the 1924 British Empire Exhibition, Wembley Stadium, with its much-loved twin towers, was a monument to British sporting history.

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