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Metros & Urban Rail

Metros and Urban Rail: cities on track

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Urban rail transit abounds with plenty of opportunities to innovate and recreate with the aid of newly emerging technologies.

We can build smarter, faster and more ambitiously.

As technology expands and pushes the boundaries of what and how we can deliver projects for our clients and communities, we as designers and engineers need to focus on getting the basics of planning, designing and delivering right now, more than ever.

Getting the basics right means identifying and understanding the design requirements, dynamic client consultation, collaborative teamwork, and stringent planning for project delivery.

In this series, we explore:

We also had a chat with some of our expert transport engineers who shared their thoughts and views on how technology is reshaping the global transport landscape.

As always, you are very welcome to ask any content or broader metros and urban rail-related questions to ourselves or any of our experts featured in this series.

Enjoy the read.


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