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Future-proofing world-leading sports stadia

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Cities often have huge stadium assets that were built some decades ago, many of which are only used to host a dozen events a year, at best.

These stadiums often become more of a municipal burden than an asset - no longer in step with the demands of an entertainment hungry, more sophisticated public.

What can be done to breathe new life and sustainability into these assets? And in the case of new stadium projects, how can they be designed in such a way that they remain an asset far into the future?

This section explores the ins and outs of future-proofing world-leading sports stadia, including showcasing world-class examples of stadia projects as well as technical and commercial techniques designed to ensure game-changing sporting facilities.

Discover how roofing existing stadiums can lead to total transformation, and how stadiums can trigger the creation of bustling precincts

In addition, our experts explore:

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