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Leading through and beyond COVID-19

COVID-19: Working through what’s next together

Engineers are hard-wired to problem solve and never before have our problems been as wicked or complex.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has triggered unprecedented disruption, impacting organisations across the world. As the way we live and operate shifts in response, we are collaborating with clients to help them navigate some of their most significant challenges.

From mitigating supply chain risk, redesigning business models, embedding critical technology, scenario planning for decision making or managing capital investment, there is no shortage of issues and opportunities to work through.

What is going to make a difference? What is possible? How can data help your company make sense of the information and prepare for future outcomes? How can the decisions you make now build a bridge to a sustainable future?

This is a collection of our insights and expertise, exploring the perspectives of experts leading through and beyond COVID-19 disruption, across all facets of engineering, design and advisory, reflecting the information and advice our clients and industry need now.

Coronavirus spread across the world

Responding to COVID-19

How to strengthen and secure a social licence during COVID-19

As we fast-track projects during COVID-19, we need to ensure that engagement with communities and stakeholders remains robust and meaningful.
Esther Diffey
Communications & Stakeholder Engagement
Marie-Nour Negenman
Communications & Stakeholder Engagement
Cecily Hearn
Communications & Stakeholder Engagement
9 July 2020 6 min read

Navigating with digital innovation

Future ready: next steps

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