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Successful hotels

Successful hotels

A resort

The hotel industry continues to grow at an impressive rate, becoming more competitive as international hotel groups make inroads into a growing number of destinations.

This has led to a pressing need for establishments to provide a high quality service to patrons.

The application of cutting-edge technologies and innovation has become a burning issue in the construction and refurbishment of hotels.

Aurecon’s experts have built up extensive knowledge in this field through years of experience on some of the most popular hotel destinations worldwide.

This new series will share our people’s latest insights on designing successful hotels, including the technical and commercial techniques that ensure leading leisure facilities.

In this series we focus on the increasing demand for hospitality industry services. We also touch on the mega trends shaping the hospitality industry, including the some of the latest technology being applied to modern hotels, encompassing the importance of sustainability and connectivity; and the benefits for hotel design and construction of partnering with experienced engineers that have insight into new techniques for construction and conversions.

Enjoy the read.

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