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Trinity Graham

If you could give a prospective aviation client a couple of key tips what would they be?

Having a good understanding of the flooding mechanisms that may affect an airport and understanding how to account for them in the design processes is absolutely essential. Similarly, ensuring that you have a good climate change adapttation plan in place and establishing a strong response framework relating to ‘trigger points’ in the future is critical to how an airport can and needs to adapt to climate change.

What are the biggest opportunities for aviation projects in the coming years?

Airport hubs have an excellent potential to become more ‘central’ urban environments. Airports are never just about runways and aircraft – there are always more development opportunities available,  whether they are rail links, hotels, hangars or supply chain facilities. An increasing number of developers are recognising the potential of building near airport hubs, and airports are drafting property master plans that allow for this future development.

There is also opportunity to seek out innovative solutions to deal with climate change. Through knowledge sharing and collaboration, there is great potential to develop holistic and innovative strategies to mitigate the future impacts of our changing environment on airport hubs and beyond.

And three things that excite you about your job?

  1. The broad range of projects I have the opportunity to contribute my skills towards – there really is never a dull moment;

  2. The fantastic clients I get to work with and the reward of working through a variety of challenges and issues, to achieve the best possible outcome for the client, and;

  3. The frequent opportunities I have to collaborate with experts from other fields, be it airside, landside or beyond.

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