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What is critical to delivering successful project outcomes for clients?

Collaborative communication is absolutely essential to successful project delivery. Proactively engaging the client, developing a full understanding of the client’s needs and expectations and keeping the client informed are all crucial in delivering successful project outcomes.

It is just as important to engage across the project team around deliverables and timelines. Aurecon works on aviation projects, so communicating is vital to how successful our teams are at delivering the objectives and goals of the client.

Spend the time upfront focussing on planning and feasibility in the early stages of the project; it will make a significant difference down the track. Thoroughly thinking through potential risks and issues will take some of the pressure off the design and construction phases.

Aviation clients need to be flexible, particularly to the requirements of their airline clients and stakeholders. The ability to respond to ever-changing circumstances with well-planned options will ensure that aviation clients have an adaptable, longer-term plan to address evolving airport environments.

What are the biggest opportunities airport operators can seize in the next five to ten years?

In the Australian market, the biggest opportunities will involve maximising and maintaining the life span of airport assets.

The majority of Australian airports were constructed over 40 years ago. As airport activity increases, many airports are experiencing the need for third runways. Bleeding assets for their maximum lifespan in an increasingly cost-conscious environment will be a major focus of the Australian aviation market for the foreseeable future.

At the other end of the spectrum, the biggest opportunities in the Southeast Asia market will involve responding to the expanding development needs of rapidly growing economies throughout the region.

For example, countries like Vietnam and India are experiencing significant growth in their middle class socio-economic groups.

As the average amount of disposable income increases; so, too, will the need to provide adequate airport hubs to service increasing amounts of domestic and international travel.

And three things you enjoy about your job?

  1. Getting things done well and out the door: Delivering a successful project that is on time, on budget, to high health and safety and quality assurance standards and, most importantly, to the client’s expectations.

  2. A happy and productive project team: As a leader, it is satisfying to observe projects with people and teams who are genuinely enjoying meaningful and stimulating work.

  3. Winning projects! Developing clever, innovative client-centric solutions is essential to winning work, as is achieving client satisfaction by delivering successful, client-driven outcomes.

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