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A full circle view of tunnels

Tunnels can unlock congestion, create efficiency, make cities more functional and liveable. Harry Asche and Anthony Bennett, two of Aurecon’s tunneling experts, explore how we are delivering better solutions through smarter tunnels.

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Airports that work

Aurecon shares our people’s latest insights on creating safe, profitable and passenger-friendly airports. From urban planning and land survey to structural and behavioural modelling and airside and landside infrastructure, there are new approaches and creative solutions that can make airports work.

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Airport terminals - designing for profit

Great design has the potential to significantly alter the profit equation of an airport and should be a key consideration from the earliest planning stages onward. Stephen Logan shares his insight on why designing for profit is so crucial in today’s operating environment.

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Adaptable airports: designing resilience

In the coming years, airports will be significantly challenged to plan for and adapt to climate change induced risks. Trinity Graham, discusses how climate change factors will affect airports and what airport operators might consider for future planning.

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Runways: perfecting pavements

In this article, Matt Glenn, Airports Leader - Airside, looks at the business decisions that airport operators must make around pavements, traffic and overload. He also looks at the effects of repeated overload, the best approach to pavement evaluation and maintenance.

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