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Delivering programme excellence

Programme management is most commonly the process of managing a number of interrelated projects to deliver new or enhanced infrastructure, such as a new metro system, an airport, a mine, a power station or even the Olympic Games.

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Creating efficient, liveable cities

In this interview, Deon Pretorius, Aurecon’s Land Development Services Leader in Cape Town, describes some of the barriers to creating efficient cities as well as current trends and the solutions and innovations Aurecon is leveraging to help our clients ‘get it right’.

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Will urbanisation break the big cities?

Currently, about 60 million people move into cities every year. That’s more than one million more people arriving every week, in a city somewhere in the world, each with an expectation of better access to jobs, better education for their children, better health-care and a better quality of life.

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What is Our African City (OAC)?

Our African City is about bringing together leading expertise across the financial, political, technical and social spheres to collaborate in developing new thinking and solutions that address inclusive urban transformation. It is about opening the debate on and crafting a vision of what an African city should look like and how to innovatively address the challenges we face to leapfrog stages on our development path. The dialogue is hosted through various platforms, including the website and scheduled events and workshops under the Our African City brand. As the dialogue matures, new thinking from participating companies and organisations, including Aurecon, will be published.

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