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Aurecon Digital Enablement Training and Courses offers services flexibly via face-to-face or virtual classroom training.

Digitising assets and using digital tools to manage asset data is now a business imperative.

Asset owners and operators are fast realising the benefits of an early and consistent approach to the capture of asset information and how asset data informs strategic and operational decision-making. Coupled with the introduction of ISO 19650, skills in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Digital Engineering within organisations are critical.

To ensure clients are equipped and empowered with the skills and knowledge they need to align their business with requirements, processes, and delivery of information toward ISO 19650, Aurecon offers a range of digital enablement training services flexibly via face-to-face or virtual classroom training.

Aurecon Design Academy

Our difference

You benefit from our experience. Aurecon was one of the first organisations globally to achieve ISO 19650 certification. We know that aligning projects, processes, and procedures to an international standard achieves the best results, and we are committed to delivering high-quality projects. Having designed and implemented the Aurecon Project Information Management Standard (APIMS) within our own organisation, we have an innate understanding of the BIM and digital process.

Our team of trainers are internationally recognised BIM experts with global experience in delivering, educating, and supporting clients in developing digital strategies according to international best practice.

Our courses

Developed in line with local and international standards and policies, and designed to suit industry professionals and executives at all stages of learning, Aurecon offers the following training courses:

BIM for Executives

Duration: 4 hours

BIM for Executives will give you a strategic and operational understanding of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Digital Engineering (DE) in the construction sector. Using public and private sector policies, the course explores the digitised construction workforce and how it affects your business planning at a strategic level. Future skills required for your business to sustain growth, as well as how your organisation can support services enabled by BIM and Digital Engineering is crucial for all organisations working in the built environment.

What you’ll learn:

  • How BIM and Digital Engineering fit into the wider business strategy of your organisation
  • The relevant local and international government policies in place; why digital enablement is critical to the future of your business
  • How the digital evolution of your services can grow your organisation long-term
  • How BIM and digital impacts your procurement and fee-earning potential

Ideal for:

A senior C+ and / or management/director level employee managing or working in organisations supporting the design, construction, or delivery of built assets. We also encourage government clients to attend this training to upskill their digital expertise and understanding.

BIM Fundamentals according to ISO 19650

Duration: 2 days

This course will take you through BIM according to the ISO 19650 international standard. Your trainer will take you through key documentation, requirements, and processes required to enable ISO 19650 compliance. You will learn compliance is best achieved through consistently inputting the right information at the right time into BIM across the whole life cycle of an asset.

What you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of BIM according to ISO 19650 to achieve compliance and the sophistication of BIM on a built project
  • Roles and responsibilities across a project and the need for structured and monitored delivery of information
  • Key benefits of BIM and how to manage challenges in implementing BIM within your organisation
  • Where to find guidance regarding common standards, resources, and processes on a BIM project

Ideal for:

A professional working in the design, construction, and operation of building and infrastructure assets. The course will teach professionals with minimal or no BIM knowledge to discuss BIM fluently in the context of projects and to effectively implement BIM according to ISO 19650.

BIM Management according to ISO 19650

Duration: 2 days

This course explores the practical application of BIM according to ISO 19650 for your organisation or project. The construction industry requires understanding of the role of BIM management and its associated roles and responsibilities on a project. This course addresses the lack of practical education and skills when it comes to BIM, and how BIM can be managed across a project to evaluate the critical responsibilities of a BIM or Information Manager.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to review briefing documents to adequately tender on a BIM project
  • How to create key documentation for BIM including a BIM Execution Plan, a Model Production and Delivery Table (or Model Element Table) and Master Information Delivery Plans
  • The requirements of information models regarding their level of information need
  • How this information progresses across the stages of a project
  • Und Key technologies which support BIM and how they can impact/provide benefits to your projects
  • How to support the creation / strategy of role requirements, training implications and project management principles when it comes to BIM for your organisation

Ideal for:

A professional delivering projects in the design, construction, and operation of building and infrastructure assets. For professionals with some BIM knowledge to learn how to practically apply BIM Management under the role of BIM Manager, BIM Coordinator, or Information Manager. Take the course if you support the practical application of BIM across your organisation or within a project.

ISO 19650 Series – Concepts and Principles

Duration: All-day workshop

This course will upskill you to align your organisation and projects toward the ISO 19650 series of standards. Working within the context of an international standard is now crucial for successful BIM delivery, and this course will provide a thorough overview of how to apply and understand the international framework for consistent delivery of information on projects. The course focuses on/covers BIM maturity according to ISO 19650 and the critical stages of a project to deliver on the clients’ Information Requirements.

What you’ll learn:

  • The basic concepts and principles of ISO 19650-1, 2, 3 and 5 and upcoming standards
  • Key terms and definitions relative to BIM in the context of the ISO 19650 series
  • How to work on a project in a consistent and practical way using principles outlined in the ISO 19650 series
  • Key concepts of the Information Delivery Cycle in line with ISO 19650-2

Ideal for:

A professional working in the design, construction, and operation of building and infrastructure assets, that wants or needs to transition to the use of ISO 19650, as this standard is a globally exemplar BIM Standard, supporting regions with little or no standards in place.

Learning outcomes in our courses align to the globally-exemplar UK BIM learning outcomes framework, which is used to support education and skills content in the construction industry across the world.

Delivered virtually or face-to-face depending on what best meets your needs and preferences, the courses are highly interactive and collaborative, and we encourage attendees to engage, ask questions, and get involved.

Our trainers

Led by Rebecca De Cicco, global BIM expert and award-winning founder of not-for-profit Women in BIM, our trainers have years of experience and expertise drawn from diverse technical, consultancy, and academic environments.

Aurecon Digital Enablement Trainers

Rebecca De Cicco

Principal, Digital Enablement – Aurecon

Digital Node founder, Rebecca De Cicco, is an internationally recognised Building Information Modelling (BIM) subject matter expert.

Aurecon Digital Enablement Trainers

Ken Lee

Director, Digital Enablement – Aurecon

Ken has strong technical and project management experience working on award-winning high-profile projects across Australia, New Zealand, UK, Asia, and the Middle East.

Aurecon Digital Enablement Trainers

Dr Sareh Naji

Consultant, Digital Enablement – Aurecon

Sareh was awarded Melbourne Research Scholarship in 2016 and a recipient of the ‘Best Research Poster Award’ from the Melbourne Energy Institute in 2018.

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