Water Proofing the West - Stage One, Australia

Aurecon solution ensures water quality improvement

The project involves the creation of the first stage of a region wide system that harvests, treats and stores stormwater and distributes non-potable water through western Adelaide sustaining a growing economy and enhancing our natural environment.

In 2008, Aurecon was engaged by the City of Charles Sturt to develop a Stormwater Management Plan (SMP) for the 600 ha Port Road catchment. Following approval of the SMP and funding allocation in 2010, Aurecon undertook project management, procurement, community engagement and planning services to ensure effective delivery of the entire Water Proofing the West Stage One project as well as the detailed design of a component of the Stage One works.

Aurecon’s design solution included a series of linear wetlands and sedimentation basins through the centre median of Old Port Road to provide both flood mitigation and water quality improvement. The project also creates an attractive and engaging central median strip for Old Port Road. 

The strategy Aurecon has adopted and implemented through project management, procurement and community engagement has established a logical, transparent and rigorous process, well understood by all parties and stakeholders.

A key outcome of the project is to offset the Council’s potable water demand by up to 555ML/a and to harvest up to 2.4 GL/a and supply this water through a linking and distribution mains system for both industrial and domestic demands. 

The project is the City of Charles Sturt’s largest ever infrastructure project and will upgrade Old Port Road’s stormwater system to reduce the risk of flooding to properties in the Port Road catchment. It is anticipated that water will be injected into the aquifer in 2015.

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