Sydney Water Planning Partner, Australia

In what has been a game-changer for the water utilities sector, Aurecon with partner Arup was appointed Sydney Water’s Planning Partner in 2019 for 10 years.

While it is an emerging trend for water utilities to enter into sole partnership with consultants for planning and design services, this was the largest consultant engagement in Australia by a water utility at the time. Sydney Water is Australia’s largest water utility, covering water, wastewater and recycled water services across Greater Sydney. 

Water utilities are increasingly seeing the benefits of the partnership model as being able to better leverage value from consultants in a collaborative, non-transactional environment.

The Aurecon/Arup team is providing a fresh method to water management with an increasing focus on delivering services with a fully integrated approach.

As well as additional technical engineering smarts, Aurecon and Arup are providing advisory services such as environmental planning, heritage advice, contaminated land management, asset management and community consultation.

The Aurecon/Arup team is also supporting Sydney Water in technical advisory and project engineering roles to see its $600 million per year capital program through to successful completion.

Aurecon and Arup bring complementary skills and deep experience to the integrated team.The joint team will provide support in strategic advisory roles, systems services planning and integrated water management, and take planning through to concept design and project engineering to facilitate smooth handover to contractor teams.

As a planning partner, Aurecon is also using digital tools to optimise the standardisation of Sydney Water's dewatering process.

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