Smart Water Fund (SWF) water supply options assessment, Australia

Aurecon and SKM jointly provided assessments of over 30 potential large-scale potable water supply options identified to augment Melbourne’s existing water system over a 50 year horizon.

Options considered included water sourced from catchment surface waters, stormwater, seawater, treated wastewater and various other sources. A triple bottom line evaluation based on multi-criteria was conducted to ascertain a relative comparison of the options, with filters applied for practicability, yield/scale and climate resilience. Six options were further scoped, analysed in greater detail and separately reported. This work included GIS mapping, hydrologic REALM modelling, engineering, environment and social impact assessments, cost estimating and economic analysis.

The team worked closely with stakeholders to provide clarity around earlier studies and integration of various solutions into the existing system. 

The information and conclusions arising from this project have been utilised by SWF as input to its development of a water supply demand strategy.

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