North Kedron Brook Sewer Rehabilitation, Australia

Aurecon was engaged by Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) to provide consultancy services for the sewer main infrastructure rehabilitation works proposed within Kedron Brook Creek between Mitchelton and Everton Park in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland. 

Based on preliminary work carried out by the Brisbane City Council, QUU identified 29 sites along the North Kedron Brook sewer main infrastructure that required rehabilitation.

Aurecon undertook all project investigations including STEP reports, detailed survey, geotechnical assessment and hydraulic modelling. By taking on and managing all of the project investigations, Aurecon was able to act as a ‘one stop shop’ and streamline the integration of investigation outcomes into the development and delivery of project solutions.

To extend the life of the North Kedron Brook sewer infrastructure, Aurecon completed detailed design of various sewer protection works including manhole concrete encasement, pipe rock protection, bank stabilisation and fish safe riffle bed raising. The protection works were optimised following a series of iterative hydraulic modelling investigations, and in consultation with multiple stakeholders including Brisbane City Council. This optimisation process resulted in a savings to the client through a reduction in capital works scope and in improved outcomes for stakeholders due to reduced hydraulic impacts to other existing assets.  

As part of QUU's development management framework, Aurecon completed a STEP assessment for each site to identify impacts on the natural assets and to develop mitigation measures to minimise impacts on the environmental values of Kedron Brook Creek. Aurecon also conducted a planning assessment to identify the approvals, permits and notifications that would be required to facilitate the project.

Aurecon’s remedial solutions have delivered a positive outcome for the community through minimising environmental impact while enhancing the long term protection of critical assets and extending the asset life.

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