Hunter Water Burwood Beach Wastewater Treatment Works, Australia

Latest generation technology helps create a cleaner Newcastle

Aurecon’s water expertise helps to prevent public health risks through its work on this wastewater treatment facility. 

In an effort to improve water quality at Newcastle’s beaches, Hunter Water has installed an ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system at the Burwood Beach Wastewater Treatment Works (WWTW), the largest wastewater treatment works owned by Hunter Water Corporation (HWC).

The UV disinfection system will minimise public health risks associated with effluent discharge by treating the water with the right doses of ultraviolet light.

Aurecon was appointed by Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure as lead designer on the Hunter Water Burwood Beach WWTW UV Upgrade.

The state of the art system uses ultraviolet light to inactivate bacteria, viruses and protozoa. The Burwood Beach Waste Water Treatment Works serves the Newcastle City area and surrounding suburbs, taking in an area bounded approximately by Dudley, Charlestown, Wallsend and Mayfield. It currently treats 48 million litres (ML) per day and handles the wastewater for a population equivalent to 190 000 people.

The scope of the project includes design development, detailed design and construction of a UV system for the treatment of secondary effluent.

Utilising teams from Newcastle, Sydney, Vietnam and Bangkok, Aurecon worked with leading UV water treatment technology specialists, Trojan Technologies, to design concrete tanks to house the latest generation UV disinfection technology, reducing whole of life ownership costs, with equipment and instrumentation to distribute the water flow that needs to be treated.

A unique project with an innovative design, the Hunter Water Burwood Beach WWTW UV Upgrade provides a solution that will help treat wastewater and meet industry standards. Together with sub consultants, AECOM, and Trojan Technologies, the project aims to realise a cleaner Newcastle.

Our services included the design of all electrical power supply and control systems and the facilities to ensure the UV system works as planned, as well as earthworks and technical advice on construction. Further advisory services were provided through construction and during commissioning to ensure the plant operates at optimal performance.

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