MTR Lo Wu Sewage Treatment Plant Rehabilitation Phase II, Hong Kong

Asset life extension of a critical wastewater treatment plant

  • Aurecon’s role: feasibility study and full engineering detailed design
  • Client: MTR Corporation Limited

MTR Corporation appointed Aurecon for the refurbishment of MTR Lo Wu station sewage treatment plant.

The Lo Wu Phase II sewage treatment plant project is located at the Lo Wu station in Hong Kong. This station is the most heavily used immigration control point for passengers travelling to and from Shenzhen, mainland China. The plant was nearing the end of its asset life, so MTR Corporation initiated a refurbishment of the facility to extend its life so as to continue the critical process of wastewater treatment.

Aurecon was initially appointed to undertake a feasibility study into the existing condition and performance of the sewage treatment plant, identify refurbishment options, and develop a preliminary design based on MTR Corporation’s preferred refurbishment option. Aurecon was then appointed to carry out the detailed design for the preferred option.

Aurecon’s detailed design services incorporates the following:

  • Civil, structural, electrical and mechanical engineering, and environmental design services for capital works
  • Preparing and submitting design recommendations to meet statutory regulations
  • Interfacing and coordinating with MTR Corporation for all works, including temporary and permanent diversion of relevant equipment and facilities in the sewage treatment plant
  • Designing and performing statutory duties including preparation of all reports, drawings, specifications, schedule of prices and engineering estimates
  • Technical support to the client during the construction phase; checking the contractor’s designs in relation to their related or technical submissions and responding to the contractor’s queries
  • Reviewing the contractor’s performance and compliance with the design and intent and propose remedial measures, if required

Designs incorporated safety, applicability, constructability, ease of maintenance, reliability and cost effectiveness, in order to meet site constraints, restrictions in train operations and difficult access conditions.

Asset performance optimisation

Drawing on Aurecon’s knowledge and experience in wastewater treatment, the engineers assessed the treatment plant with a view to optimise performance with necessary upgrades. The feasibility study identified a range of new technology to be retrofitted to the existing infrastructure so as to extend the life of the treatment facility and increase its efficiency in removing organic pollutants from wastewater.

To minimise disruption to station operations, Aurecon’s engineers used 3D scanning technology to gain a greater understanding of the layout of the facilities. For the construction period, Aurecon’s design calls for the use of an existing sludge holding tank as a temporary storage, and a tanker to collect incoming flows in the interim.

When completed, the refurbished MTR Lo Wu Sewage Treatment Plant provides continued wastewater treatment and processing well into the future for at least 240,000 daily trips by passengers between Hong Kong and mainland China.

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