Widening of the Outer Bypass and Al Qudra Road, United Arab Emirates

There is a steady increase in Dubai’s population due to its rapid growth and expansion. Many projects are underway to develop and provide housing, business and community facilities to meet the needs of the expanding population. Of note are the Dubail and and Bawadi developments adjacent to the Outer Bypass Road.

To facilitate access to these developments, Aurecon undertook the preliminary study related to the future widening of the Outer Bypass Road between Al Ain Road and Al Qudra Road in Dubai. Following this study, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority appointed Aurecon to undertake a similar study for the widening of Al Qudra Road from Emirates Road to Jebel-Hibab Road. This included a two level modelling analysis for the widening of the Outer Bypass, which consisted of a Macro level strategic modelling using VISUM (VISUM Demand Modelling), as well as a Micro level localised modelling using VISSIM (Microscopic Simulation). 

Aurecon proposed that both roads be widened up to ten lanes in each direction in order to improve accessibility, which included the provision of dedicated truck lanes and public bus route circulation.

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