New Execujet Hangar and Carpark Precinct Upgrade, Wellington International Airport, New Zealand

Engineering services to expand the Airport’s existing facilities

In 2011, New Zealand hosted the Rugby World Cup (RWC). The month – long tournament brought more than 133 000 international visitors alone to Wellington. In anticipation of unprecedented passenger activity, Wellington International Airport Limited (WIAL) expanded of the Airport’s existing facilities and infrastructure to meet increased traveller demand for the RWC and to accommodate the projected increase in passenger activity over the next 20 years.

The New Execujet Hangar and the Carpark Building Upgrade were a part of WIALs NZ$14.9 million capital works expenditure that year. Aurecon was engaged by the airport operators to deliver both projects.

New Execujet Hangar

In order to accommodate corporate aviation and maintenance services, WIAL requested proposals for a new corporate aircraft facility. Stringent requirements controlled its size and the overall development construction budget was limited, requiring completion before November.

Under a design and construct contract, Aurecon provided a 42mx50m free span structural steel hangar, timber framed architectural lounge and an office space.

Aurecon delivered the client a large, efficient and cost effective free spanning hangar capable of holding an Airbus A320 or multiple gulfstream aircraft simultaneously. The building also provides the client a fixed based operations facility, which enables Wellington International Airport to provide corporate aircraft and maintenance services into Wellington and New Zealand.

Aurecon successfully completed within the construction timeframe and on budget.

Carpark Building Upgrade

Aurecon managed, completed detailed design and delivered a new 400 car carpark to be “ready for use” in a six month period. With less structure than the original northern carpark, the new cantilever column dealt with both construction and long term load cases. Its form allowed both rapid mould placement and removal. This ensured completed deck sections were stable and safe for car parking on completed stages.

The team delivered an incredibly simple, innovative and sustainable building which met the additional car parking demands for the RWC and beyond.

In October, after only 16 weeks of construction, the contractor delivered the final section of the 5,500m2 upper car deck, much to the satisfaction of the airport operators.

Carpark Precinct Redevelopment

The scope of this project is to redevelop the car parking and access layout including the access, egress, and circulation routes, new boom gates with roofs, and new signage. A new vehicle ramp is also proposed to access the Level 1 car park from the north. The proposed redevelopment will improve circulation within the car parking area with an expanded drop off area and to provide for future expansion in terms of the Airport Master Plan 2030.

Aurecon’s role involved:

  • Working with WIAL to finalise the project requirements
  • Liaising with project stakeholders to achieve necessary approvals
  • Coordination with WIAL operations
  • Initiating and coordinating packages of investigation works
  • Developing a procurement strategy and undertaking the procurement of the design team and the contractor
  • Coordinate the preparation of the design documentation
  • Managing the construction process including monitoring progress, risk management, issues resolution, contract administration and other inputs as needed on an as required basis
  • Reporting progress to WIAL on a regular basis

The project completed in Q4 2013 with as minimal disruption as possible to WIAL operations and for visitors to the Wellington Airport carpark.

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