Tuas View Basin Access Bridge, Singapore

To support Singapore’s sustainability goals, Aurecon engineered a record-breaking bridge. Spanning a 75-metre-wide canal, the bridge connects the mainland to an island which houses important waste treatment facilities

Due to its long coastlines and low-lying topography, Singapore is especially vulnerable to rising sea levels caused by global warming. To reduce the country’s carbon emissions, the government’s National Environment Agency (NEA) built an incineration plant and a new water treatment plant on reclaimed land.

To connect this newly formed island to the mainland, Aurecon was appointed by McConnell Dowell to perform detail design, geotechnical engineering, traffic management, drainage design and marine engineering for the Tuas View Basin Access Bridge in 2016.

Overcoming a gaping challenge with a record-breaking solution

The project’s largest challenge was that the bridge had to be built with over a wide canal, which could not be obstructed during and after construction.

“The bridge tested the limits of our engineering capabilities because we needed to build main spans of 75m over an essential inlet canal,” says Mike Tapley, Aurecon’s Technical Director of Bridges and Civil Structures in Asia. “Thinking out of the box and on a scale never before seen in Singapore, we decided to accomplish this feat by erecting 50.5m long, 278-ton beams – the longest and heaviest precast girders ever launched in the country.”

Collaborating with eminent practitioners from around the world

To ensure top-notch services to the project, the Singapore team collaborated closely with teams in Hong Kong and Australia. The expertise of Srivelan Kathirgaman, Aurecon’s bridge expert and Technical Director of Infrastructure in Australia, was particularly critical; his experience working with the Singapore government and engineering acumen was reassuring for project stakeholders.

This cross-border collaboration allowed Aurecon to capitalise on a diverse range of innovative minds that informed the delivery of the project. For instance, Aurecon pushed for modular construction, which the Singapore government was also exploring at the time. This meant that as more of the project was built off-site, thereby reducing construction times and temporary works costs, safety risks were also minimised.

Using digital tools to enhance Singapore’s physical assets

Aurecon also brought new levels of digital innovation to the project, which impressed clients from NEA and McConnell Dowell.

Through a proactive approach and inventive digital engineering, project stakeholders could interact with virtual models to closely visualise the nuances of the project much more clearly. This aided tremendously with clash detection and the project’s execution ran very smoothly.

Enabling sustainable, future ready societies

As staunch proponents of sustainability, Aurecon is determined to help countries become future ready through environmentally friendly design. The Tuas View Basin Access Bridge represents Aurecon’s contribution in bringing Singapore’s vision for a greener city to life, through reducing its carbon foot print with well-designed infrastructure. The bridge was opened in 2018.

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