Transport Access Program, Australia

Providing greater accessibility for all rail passengers in New South Wales

Ensuring that all passengers can safely utilise public transport is the focus of the Transport Accessibility Program (TAP).

Aurecon has recently completed two TAP packages for client Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW), conducting scoping design for 13 train stations in the Central Coast, and Sydney metropolitan areas. Aurecon’s civil engineering, energy, and building teams, with sub-consultants PTW Architects, and BCA Logic have collaborated with TfNSW through the design process.

Since the initiative’s inception in 2013, Aurecon has delivered the concept design and detailed design of multiple stations with accessibility at their centre.

The current program of works focuses on providing greater accessibility for people with mobility, vision, and hearing impairments, in addition to parents with prams, and passengers carrying luggage.

The designs include:

  • fully accessible paths from various modes of transport to each train platform
  • hearing augmentation loops 
  • new lifts – for stations with existing pedestrian bridges, and those with underpasses and new concourses, and
  • disabled parking, and “kiss and ride” facilities.

Many older train stations in New South Wales incorporate footbridges and subways with stair access, restricting use by those with accessibility needs.

As part of the TAP works, Aurecon has worked with TfNSW on a Smart Stations project focused on creating tangible ideas, enabled by technology that optimise functionality, increase sustainability and create easier, more enjoyable customer journeys.

Digital innovation in focus

Aurecon has conducted rapid data capture surveys of the 13 stations to build 3D models of each site. Completed at an earlier stage in the design process than usual, these sophisticated models allow more effective optioneering to visualise what the upgraded station will look like, and how it will function. These models can be further developed for the detailed design stages, saving significant time and cost.

Several of the scoping designs have already been approved to proceed to the detailed design phase, including the heritage-listed Hawkesbury River Station, Wyee, Fairy Meadow, and Como.

The upgraded train stations will form part of the larger TAP initiative to create modern interchanges that are responsive to passenger needs, support an integrated rail network, and allow seamless transfers between all modes of travel.

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