T4 Express Elevated Road, Australia

Working with Melbourne Airport to design the T4 Express Elevated Road

  • Boost travel capacity to the Melbourne Airport, taking 5000 cars off surrounding roads
  • Direct connection to Melbourne Airport’s Terminal 4 transport hub
  • Aurecon's role: engineering design, digital communications engagement
  • Client: Australia Pacific Airports Melbourne

Airports are very much an essential component of infrastructure to most modern economies. No longer just a place of transit, airports and airport terminals are hubs of global connectivity and community.

One of Australia’s largest airports, Melbourne Airport, is undertaking a program of ground transportation works to accommodate forecasted passenger growth and increased vehicle numbers. Works include the new Terminal 4 (T4) Express Elevated Road which will be a direct route from the Tullamarine Freeway to the Terminal 4 short-term car park. It will skirt the existing long-term car park before passing beneath the main arterial road on-ramp and feeding into the Terminal 4 car park.

The airport’s owner, Australia Pacific Airports Melbourne, is planning for the future. Passenger volumes are set to nearly double by 2038 from 37 million to 68 million, resulting in an additional 113 000 ground transportation vehicles moving to and from, and around, the airport every day.

Aurecon was appointed to work in partnership with Australia Pacific Airports Melbourne to undertake the engineering design and digital engagement for the Terminal 4 Express Elevated Road. The company’s role includes bridge and civil structures, road engineering, traffic engineering, land development and surveying, ground engineering, stakeholder engagement, digital engineering, landscape architecture, and information and communications technology.

Australia Pacific Airports Melbourne expects that the Terminal 4 Express Link will make journey times 30 per cent quicker for drivers travelling from the Tullamarine Freeway to the Terminal 4 car park. They also anticipate that this project will take 5000 cars off the surrounding roads as it cuts out roundabouts and busy intersections that people currently have to navigate to reach the terminal.

The new link will largely be prefabricated in sections off site, away from the Tullamarine Freeway to reduce impacts on the travelling public.

This direct connection to Melbourne Airport’s Terminal 4 transport hub will also assist in boosting the capacity of the existing road system to cater for the future anticipated increase in vehicle and passenger movement to and around the airport.

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