Sydney Metro: Pitt Street Station, Australia

Aurecon is a major industry contributor to Australia’s biggest transport project, designing what will be an iconic new station at Pitt Street in the Sydney CBD

  • Aurecon’s role: Structural engineering, Vertical transportation, Pedestrian modelling and Civil design
  • Client: Oxford Properties
  • Project partners: Unsigned Studio

Appointed by Oxford Properties, Aurecon is designing both the underground station as well as two new buildings above that will form a vibrant new commercial and residential hub around Pitt and Bathurst streets, as part of Sydney Metro.

This project adds to the design work Aurecon is already completing on Sydney Metro’s Central Station, Sydenham Station and Junction and Line-wide systems projects.

This project is a once in a generation opportunity to not just build a station but to integrate this as part of the revitalisation of the southern end of Sydney’s CBD and Midtown retail precinct and give back to the streetscape, making a place that is both easy for the community to get in and out of and enjoyable for them to want to stay longer.

The project is complex and requires collaboration between infrastructure and built environment teams that can design holistically. This ensures that there is seamless integration of both the station and the precinct above.

Pitt Street Station will be constructed about 17 metres (north end) to 20 metres (south end) below ground level. The metro station will serve the retail areas on George and Pitt Streets, the civic and entertainment uses on George Street and the emerging southern Sydney CBD residential developments between Park Street and Belmore Park. The station will also provide relief to Town Hall Station and allow interchange onto other modes of public transport, including light rail and buses.

A 39-storey commercial office building Parkline Place will be built above the northern entry to Pitt Street Station, on Park Street between Pitt and Castlereagh streets. The office building will accommodate upwards of 3,000 people daily and will boast industry leading smart building and sustainability features.

A 39-storey residential building will be built above the southern entry to Pitt Street Station, near the corner of Bathurst and Pitt Streets. The building will offer approximately 230 premium apartments and high-quality facilities for the use of residents.

The project team will leave a legacy for the people of Sydney through the metro project.

Visualising Pitt Street Station & Parkline Place

Unsigned Studio, Aurecon’s creative technology and 3D visualisation studio, developed a full suite of visual content to communicate the vision of the new station and integrated commercial buildings.

Our Unsigned Studio team designed a storytelling and visualisation approach that brings this iconic infrastructure project to life and enables a deeper understanding for stakeholders. We designed a package that speaks to a variety of target audiences which can be harnessed through multiple mediums.

One of the key elements of this package is a short film that beautifully portrays the design of the station through computer-generated visualisations.

Unsigned Studio also captured interviews with the key project team as well creating atmospheric live action footage to weave into the film along with the computer-generated imagery. Our production approach enables us to harness existing 3D assets to produce many other forms of visualisations, such as a full suite of computer-generated still renders.

As a multi-disciplinary team, we have extended our intricate understanding of the project to mobilise in other areas of creative technology. Unsigned Studio and Aurecon’s survey team prepared a suite of verified views, including computer-generated images rendered to a high level of verifiable accuracy, contributing to the development of a Visual Impact Assessment.

Unsigned Studio has continued to contribute to this major project by quickly iterating and providing updated content as the designs have progressed, enabling stakeholders to experience the project with clarity.

Unsigned Studio also delivered a full suite of digital content including a fly-through animation and set of images to showcase key features of Parkline Place, the 39-storey premium office development above Pitt Street Station, including its innovative design and seamless connectivity to the station and Sydney’s CBD.

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