North South Rail Line, Australia

Aurecon is helping Western Sydney prepare for population growth with the extension of the South West Rail Link and North South Rail Line

As the potential of Western Sydney grows, the NSW government estimates that by 2031 more than 50 per cent of the city’s population will live in the western area. This rapid population growth will put pressure demands on infrastructure as people need access to jobs and services.

Aurecon is supporting Transport for NSW to identify rail corridors for the North South Rail Line and South West Rail Link Extension. The corridor would provide for future passenger rail lines in Western Sydney. The benefits would be:

  • Provide a major transport link between the North West, Western Sydney Airport, South West and Greater Macarthur Growth Areas.
  • Provide transport options to support population, jobs and economic growth across Western Sydney and for the planned Western Sydney Airport.
  • Support future town centres to be designed and planned around future transport infrastructure.

Aurecon produced a draft Strategic Environmental Assessment for the North South Rail Line and South West Rail Link Extension to provide an assessment of the strategic impacts and benefits of providing future public transport infrastructure in the recommended corridors, as identified by Transport for NSW.

In addition, Aurecon is supporting Transport for NSW during the community consultation phase as the feedback that’s received will help to refine the recommended corridors and inform technical investigations.

The South West Rail Link Extension corridor will extend from Leppington Station to North Bringelly for connections with the North South Rail Line corridor.

The North South Rail Line corridor will provide for a passenger rail connection between the Main West Line near St Marys and the Main South Line near Macarthur. Tunnel sections have been identified between St Marys and south of the M4 Motorway, and between Oran Park, and the Main South Line near Macarthur, to avoid existing communities and to preserve bushland.

Aurecon’s partnership with Transport for NSW in Western Sydney extends back more than 10 years, as we first contributed to the South West Rail Link in 2005.

South West Rail Link Technical Advisor Role

In 2005, Aurecon was the Technical Advisor for Transport for NSW (formerly TIDC) to undertake the route concept design of the South West Rail Link alignment. At this phase, Aurecon, in joint venture with AECOM, undertook the development of the route’s concept design, and additionally supported Transport for NSW with the contract and tender documentation, as well as throughout construction of the project.

The South West Rail Link was a 13 km rail alignment, westwards, from the existing junction at Glenfield to the station at Leppington.

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