River Torrens Riverbank Precinct Pedestrian Bridge, Australia

Completed in March 2014, the River Torrens Riverbank Precinct Pedestrian Bridge will provide the first stage of reinvigorating the one of a kind, unique and picturesque riverbank precinct. This carefully considered and balanced piece of public infrastructure will also provide a crucial pedestrian link between the Riverbank Precinct and upgraded Adelaide Oval.

"This is a very challenging and unique project as it is not just a bridge. The design delivers a curvilinear, sleek, elegant and slender form that is clad in a "snake skin" patterned glass whilst at the same time integrating effortlessly into the more "park type" setting of the northern riverbank and providing a new meeting place at the more "urban" type setting on the Southern riverbank, with a new redeveloped Adelaide festival bistro, grand stairs and useable water feature.

The design allows for this piece of public infrastructure to be utilised as a "theatre" stage, by providing along its length locations that can have "plug and play" mini events setup. I am very proud to be involved with this project and I look forward to taking my family and friends to it when it is complete," said Niko Tsoukalas, Technical Director from Aurecon with specialists skills in Architectural Engineering.

Aurecon is the lead consultant and responsible for the design and management of this public infrastructure after winning an international design competition run by the Department of Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) in 2012. Taylor Cullity Lethlean (TCL) and Tonkin Zulaikha Greer (TZG) are key members of the Aurecon team.

The construction contract for the $40million project was awarded to Macdow with support from Built Environs.

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