Pelindo Kali Japat Integrated Barge Terminal, Indonesia

Aurecon developing concept design for improved operation

  • Consolidation of operations to improve port throughput
  • Aurecon's role: concept design
  • Clients: Pelabuhan Indonesia II

Aurecon was appointed by Pelabuhan Indonesia II to develop the concept design of Pelindo Kali Japat Integrated Barge Terminal. Pelindo II plans to improve its existing dry bulk and liquid bulk unloading operations which is currently scattered around Dermaga 001 ~ 005, and Kali Japat Port in Tanjung Priok, by centralising the operation to one of its ports located in Kali Japat, Tanjung Priok.

Current practices led to a high down-time due to a long queue of vessels berthing and trucks loading, thus the port operated at low efficiency. The location of the port also presents some challenges for extension. In terms of sea traffic, the port itself is located in a narrow channel with active industrial operations at both sides.

Key project activities:

  • Review the existing terminal operation and pattern
  • Re-arrange the existing port operation and facility for dry bulk (coal, sand, quartz sand) and liquid bulk (CPO) into an integrated port
  • Equipment selection to mitigate site constraint
  • Improve port operation efficiency
  • Upgrade total throughput for both dry bulk and liquid bulk
  • Develop a brief environmental and regulation assessment
  • Develop operational organisation terminal including required personnel
  • Propose standard operational procedure (SOP) and terminal safety procedure which includes terminal key performance indicator
  • Develop investment capital (facility and equipment) and operational cost of coal terminal

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