More Trains, More Services Program, Sydney, Australia

Sydney’s population is growing, and its rail network is one of the busiest in the Southern Hemisphere, with a record 400 million trips each year. There has been unprecedented customer demand, with rail patronage increasing by 30 per cent during the past five years.

Over the next 10 years, the $4.3 billion More Trains, More Services program (MTMS) will completely transform the Sydney rail network, reimagining the rail experience by simplifying and modernising the network. Improvements will include:

  • New trains
  • Reduced wait time between services 
  • Faster travel time
  • Better connections and a simplified network 
  • New digital signalling technology
  • Greater freight capacity

Engaged in early 2018 by Transport for New South Wales, Aurecon has completed definition design for 10 separate packages of work, and is currently devising concept design for a further five packages. To contribute to this major project, Aurecon has drawn deeply upon its diverse expertise including:

  • Track
  • Civil
  • Communications and control systems
  • Earthing and bonding
  • Utilities
  • Fire protection
  • Mechanical
  • Urban design and landscape architecture
  • Security 
  • Architecture / BCA / DDA

A digital (and customer) first approach

MTMS involves upgrading and modernising signaling and control systems, using digital technology that, when combined with other infrastructure upgrades, will deliver a major increase in capacity and reliability of the network.

Aurecon has utilised point cloud survey technology to create 3D models for all of the design work completed to date. Animated fly-throughs have also allowed the client to visualise how the designs will work in practice, including the installation of significant new infrastructure such as escalators and canopies.

Aurecon brings to MTMS a deep understanding of the Sydney rail network through the successful completion of previous projects and in-depth understanding of the processes and standards. Community engagement and customer focused design is a key part of the design process to ensure the upgraded stations provide passengers with world-class services and facilities.

A comprehensive series of upgrades

MTMS represents a once-in-a-generation investment, with 17 new Waratah Series 2 trains introduced to the Sydney rail network and 42 additional New Intercity Fleet carriages.

Aurecon’s work has considered the many dimensions of how existing stations and rail infrastructure will need to be upgraded to support the new rolling stock and increased train frequency. Specific elements within scope include: 

  • Track reconfiguration
  • Traction power, power supply, new substations
  • Overhead wiring upgrades
  • Platform extensions and station upgrades
  • Maintenance facility upgrades
  • Stabling yards – new and upgrades
  • Canopies and platform furniture
  • Safety, wayfinding, signage and station passenger information
  • Passenger accessibility

Once the MTMS project is complete, the Sydney Rail network will be transformed into a “turn up and go” service on popular routes during peak hours. It means customers can expect more frequent train services, with less wait times, less crowding and more seats on a simpler, more reliable network.

Future stages of the More Trains, More Services program will add extra services to Sydney’s busiest rail lines including the T4 Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra Line, South Coast Line and The T8 Airport and South Line.

The More Trains, More Services program is about building a modern and up to date rail system that will play its part in making Sydney a more productive and livable city.


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