Mirdiff Interchange, United Arab Emirates

Aurecon was appointed to undertake the design and construction supervision of an improved interchange for the residential areas of Mirdiff, Al Muhaisanah and Al Mezhar to the southeast of the Dubai city centre.

The project was initiated in response to rapid population growth and ongoing expansion in Dubai. Growth in vehicle numbers, for example, was causing the existing interchange to fail under peak hour traffic volumes. The project’s scope included a transportation and traffic impact study, concept design, detailed design of roads and bridge infrastructure, and construction supervision management.

The transportation and traffic impact study assessed traffic operations, predicted traffic operations, traffic volumes and patterns for the design year. In addition, the study evaluated the effects of planned and committed projects in the surrounding areas, particularly proposed projects on the surrounding road network specifically along Algeria Road (D56) and AlKhawaneej Road (D89) and their pedestrian requirements.

The various design stages involved extensive information gathering, which covered traffic models and count data, as-built and pre-existing geotechnical information, topographical survey information, condition assessments of existing infrastructure, pavement condition assessments, pedestrian movement surveys, and the obtaining of utility services information.

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