Melbourne Airport, Australia

Aurecon has been driving the best outcomes for developments at Melbourne Airport for more than 15 years

With such longevity working with Australia Pacific Airports Melbourne (APAM) a relationship has formed, based on a mutual approach to ensuring optimal outcomes for each and every project and the stakeholders involved.

Melbourne Airport airside and landside projects are challenging because they have to be undertaken within an operationally critical environment and in the public eye.

Aurecon’s partnership with Melbourne Airport Corporation is continuing to produce positive long-term benefits for the airport. Aurecon has recently designed and advised on key airfield infrastructure upgrades.

Airport Drive Expansion, Melbourne Airport: 2012 – 2016

Melbourne Airport Corporation has labelled Airport Drive a major success. It was delivered ahead of time and under budget, but what it provides for customers and businesses is reduced road congestion and quicker travel times towards Melbourne Airport.

Melbourne Airport Business Park: 2009

Melbourne Airport Business Park has around 220 hectares of land zoned for industrial and business use, offering world-class property and investment opportunities.

Aurecon’s role at Melbourne Airport Business Park has extended throughout the entire site and includes:

  • An infrastructure master plan identifying key network infrastructure to service the rapidly growing Business Park
  • Detailed design of road and utility infrastructure, including road lighting, drainage, water and sewer reticulation, LV and HV electrical and communications

Taxiway Victor South: 2010

Looking down the future Taxiway Victor South movement area before construction started, Aurecon was satisfied that its design would achieve the tight budgetary requirements. The careful sequencing of works and the innovations incorporated into the design were critical elements to the project. The new concrete Taxiway is part of the Southern Precinct Program at Melbourne Airport and now accommodates some of the largest aircraft entering Melbourne Airport.

The project came in under budget leaving Melbourne Airport with enough funds to use on the concrete replacement of another taxiway, Taxiway J.

Western Apron Development: 2005

It’s not just overseas tourists who love to visit Melbourne. The number of homegrown visitors is also on the rise. So Melbourne Airport is constantly expanding and upgrading its facilities to cater to passengers and air freight.

The Western Apron Development involved the construction of new concrete pavements, standoff bays, taxiways and provision areas for ground servicing equipment for the new A380 aircraft.

Aurecon was involved from the start, developing designs and meticulous sequencing works; so the airport could continue operations around the Western Apron during the works. Our delivery team spent in excess of 1,000 hours to make it happen, and our collaboration with Melbourne Airport and Negri Contractors was critical to the project’s success.

Technical Peer Review, Runway Development Program: 2016 – 2018

Melbourne Airport is the major gateway to Victoria and southeast Australia for airline passengers and air freight. Continually planning expansions and upgrades to accommodate passengers and air freight, Melbourne Airport Corporation in 2016 embarked on a Runway Development Program.

Aurecon Peer Reviewed the Runway Development Program to assess its contents in accordance with the airport’s 20-year master plan, Australian design standards and the infrastructure required by a world-class airport.

With such diverse and extensive experience at Melbourne Airport, Aurecon looked into how the Runway Development Plan met the expected increase in travel to and from Melbourne by expanding its runway system to allow for more flights, and reduce waiting times for planes to depart and land. Review comments provided were in relation to airfield planning, geometry and grading, pavements, airfield ground lighting, navigational aids, civil structures, including tunnels, geotechnical/ earthworks, water, sewer, stormwater, security and sustainability.

Pier F, Terminal 3 Development Project: 2016 – 2018

Melbourne Airport is adding facilities to Terminal 3, and Aurecon is playing a part in its transformation.

The first stage is the development of the Foxtrot Apron, to cater to the extension of Pier F. The rejuvenated pier will house boarding gates and passenger lounges for Virgin Australia. Apron-level facility and infrastructure improvements, newly fixed aerobridges and back-of-house areas are also included in the works. Aurecon is producing the detailed design and documentation of the apron to cater to Code E MARS bays and Code C bays as well as the associated services to support aircraft operations.

The focus is on minimising disruption to airport operations and delivering an infrastructure that will help future-proof Pier F for further developments to Terminal 3.

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