Liantang Contract 2, Hong Kong

Aurecon is the checking engineer for a significant land crossing connecting Hong Kong and Shenzhen East

  • Major land crossing connecting Hong Kong and Shenzhen East
  • Implementation of a new boundary control point
  • Aurecon's role: independent checking engineer (ICE) design checking services
  • Clients: Dragages Hong Kong

The Liantang/Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point (LT/HYW BCP) is the seventh land crossing between Shenzhen and Hong Kong and opened for vehicular traffic on 26 May 2019.

Liantang Contract 2 includes:

  • construction of a dual two-lane trunk road (with about 0.4 km of at-grade road and 4.8 km of tunnel), connecting the Fanling Interchange with the proposed Sha Tau Kok Interchange
  • provision and installation of a ventilation system
  • E&M works, and building services works, for Lung Shan tunnel and Cheung Shan tunnel and their portal buildings
  • a tunnel administration building adjacent to Wo Keng Shan Road
  • landscaping works, drainage / sewerage, waterworks, utilities and traffic engineering works

Aurecon is the Independent Checking Engineer for a majority of the temporary and some of the permanent works. Aurecon’s scope includes:

  • checking of the temporary works designs, including tunnel temporary supports and formwork
  • site inspections for the contractor’s temporary works
  • checking of the contractor’s permanent works designs including tunnel permanent supports
  • checking of the contractor’s alternative designs

Taking on the challenge of close target dates

Aurecon was presented with close target dates to complete the majority of the Independent Checking Engineer tasks. Time management and working closely with the contractor on site with Aurecon’s full-time site representatives, were vital to delivering packages within the required timeframes.

Aurecon maintained the high quality of service and the required number of full-time personnel on site during the lifespan of the project, by rotating employees with different levels of expertise.

Site safety was a top priority, and Aurecon contributed to creating and maintaining a safe work environment for all works, with regular safety walks and safety conversations.

The community benefit of Liantang Contract 2

This project reduces the travelling time between Hong Kong and Shenzhen East for commuters. It will also facilitate future development in these areas because of the road access it provides. This will have an economic flow-on effect for the centre, and surrounding areas of communities between Hong Kong and Shenzhen East.

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