Joy Baluch AM Bridge, and Port Wakefield Overpass and Highway Duplication, Australia

Delivering two major works contracts to improve freight routes in Australia

A consortium of CPB Contractors Aurecon and GHD, will design and construct the Joy Baluch AM Bridge Duplication and the Port Wakefield Overpass and Highway Duplication works.

Local South Australian company, McMahon Services has been given the opportunity to deliver key aspects of these important works under the Port Wakefield to Port Augusta Regional Projects Alliance which shows the commitment to local and small to medium enterprises to be part of the Alliance.

Port Augusta is known as one of Australia's most strategically important transport corridors, sitting at the heart of the nation's east-west and north-south freight routes.

It is also a hub for South Australia's mineral-rich far north and western regions, with the projected growth of these provinces expected to exert further pressure on this infrastructure bottleneck.

Joy Baluch AM Bridge Duplication

This project will include:

  • duplication of the current bridge, with a new road bridge to provide two lanes for eastbound traffic movements across the Spencer Gulf
  • reconfiguration of the existing bridge to provide two lanes, and conversion of the raised bicycle lane, to now provide a shared use pedestrian and cycle path, for east and westbound movements
  • dedicated shared use pedestrian and cycle path. In addition, there will now be an extension of the shared use path along the Augusta Highway from the Mackay Street junction to Flinders Terrace intersection (new bridge side of Augusta Highway)
  • widening of approach road and embankments to achieve a continuous four lane road from Burgoyne Street to Mackay Street
  • installation of traffic signals at the junction of Augusta Highway and Mackay Street. An additional second right turn lane at the junction, will also now be provided
  • installation of bridge barriers to both the new and existing bridges
  • improved earthquake resistance and barrier upgrade of the bridge over the Adelaide to Darwin railway line

Preliminary planning work has been completed and detailed concept planning work is now underway, which will include further consultation.

The duplication of the bridge will improve road safety and efficiency for all users, improve freight productivity and importantly improve the resilience of this critical road link. It will also address the current bridge speed restrictions and safety for people walking or cycling across the bridge.

Port Wakefield Overpass and Highway Duplication

Port Wakefield Road typically carries 8,800 vehicles per day, however, this can increase to around 16,000 during holiday peak periods. As a result of high holiday traffic volumes and conflicting traffic movements at the intersection with the Copper Coast Highway, lengthy queues have been experienced causing substantial delays.

The Augusta Highway and Copper Coast Highway intersection north of Port Wakefield is one of the State’s busiest regional road intersections being a national and regional link between Adelaide, Port Augusta and the Yorke Peninsula.

The project will improve traffic flow and reduce congestion for all road users, particularly during peak travel times and public holidays, and improve safety and freight productivity along the National Land Transport Network.

The concept design includes:

  • two lanes in each direction through the Port Wakefield township with provisions for safe U-turn movements
  • a realigned dual carriageway through the Port Wakefield township, allowing for increased parking and landscaping opportunities, as well as safer vehicle and pedestrian movements. This will make it safer to build and reduce disruption to motorists during construction
  • a realigned Balaklava Road intersection with the Port Wakefield Highway, allowing for safer turn movements
  • new bridges across the Wakefield River
  • a new two-lane overpass for traffic travelling southbound from the Copper Coast Highway to Port Wakefield, and for traffic travelling along the Augusta Highway to the Copper Coast Highway
  • the new overpass will remove all hazardous at-grade turn movements at the intersection of the Port Wakefield Highway, Copper Coast Highway and Augusta Highway

The projects are expected to be completed in 2022, improving an important freight and passenger link to access the Upper Spencer Gulf in Port Augusta.

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