Jilalan Rail Yard Upgrade, Australia

Upgrading Jilalan Rail Yard to improve the Goonyella Rail System

Queensland Rail (QR) National’s Jilalan Rail Yard is located three kilometres south of Sarina and provides maintenance and service to the trains that haul coal on the Goonyella coal supply chain.

The supply chain stretches from Central Queensland’s Bowen Basin mines to the coal terminals at Hay Point and Dalrymple Bay near Mackay on the North Queensland coast.

As part of QR National's significant infrastructure programme to improve the Goonyella Rail System, the existing Jilalan Rail Yard was upgraded.

Designers and the constructors were selected by QR National to participate in the Coal Stream Alliance, who chose organisations they considered to be best in their field and therefore ‘best for project’.

As a member of the Coal Stream Alliance, Aurecon worked alongside QR National, Hatch Associates, Macmahon Contractors, MVM Rail, and PB. As part of the group, Aurecon undertook the design and delivery of the civil engineering component of the project.

One of our initial steps included the determination of preferred cost outcomes. To manage this process, Aurecon held value management workshops to review high level systems and collect data and processes.

On completion, the Coal Stream Alliance was rightfully proud of the team’s impressive achievements which include zero lost time injuries (LTIs) over a 26-month period. During this period, more than 1.4 million man hours were worked and over 2,500 site inductions conducted – an outstanding result which exceeds average industry performance.

These works enhanced the capacity of the coal rail network and allow the further growth of coal exports from the Bowen Basin. The successful delivery of this project was integral to the future expansion of Central Queensland’s coal industry.

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