Hobart Airport Master Plan, Australia

Developing Hobart Airport Master Plan 2020 as lead consultant

  • Scope: Strategic vision for the next 20 years of development and growth
  • Client: Hobart Airport 
  • Role: Master Plan development

All federally-leased airports in Australia are required to prepare a Master Plan every five or eight years. This is a detailed planning document that scopes out the strategic vision for the next 20 years of development and growth.

Over a nine-month period to August 2019, Aurecon’s infrastructure and advisory teams, including planning and environment experts, worked collaboratively with airport stakeholders and consultants on the Master Plan.

This presented:

  • Forecast growth in passenger numbers
  • The strategic direction for the airport
  • Economic benefits from the airport
  • Proposed site development for aeronautical (i.e. passenger and airline) and non-aeronautical (i.e. retail and property) assets
  • Ground transport and airspace plans
  • Environmental protections for local communities (noise, road and air traffic, emissions)

The Aurecon team, which has worked on a range of other airport master plans, brought complementary skill sets to the document to deliver the airport a comprehensive strategy.

Understanding what information needed to be included, how to present it in a simple, visual way that engaged all stakeholders, and how to meet regulatory requirements, meant Aurecon delivered a best in class product.

Aurecon used Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and technologies to create maps for the master plan that were clear, detailed, and fit for purpose. GIS can be applied more broadly in the aviation sector, and Aurecon intends to roll this out in further master plans for other larger capital city airports.

The Hobart Airport Master Plan is expected to be approved by the Federal Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development in mid-2020.

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