Aurecon designed the bearing replacement system for the East Rail Bridge in Hong Kong


East Rail Bridge Bearing Replacement, Hong Kong

Designing bearing replacement system for the East Rail Bridge in Hong Kong

Aurecon’s bridge expertise was employed to provide consultancy services on the replacement of bearings for three bridges along Hong Kong’s East Rail Line. The replacements were required to occur directly underneath the railway during traffic hours.

The three bridges, UB28, UB31 and UB32, along the East Rail Line from Tai Po Market Station to Sheung Shui Station, have served as part of East Rail Line railway network since its establishment more than 100 years ago.

The most challenging aspect of the East Rail Bridge Bearing Replacement was replacing 108 bridge bearings as 12-car trains ran at 2-minute intervals in both directions throughout each day on the rail line above.

Using a synchronised jacking system

Aurecon designed the bridge bearing replacement system to enable the stage one works to proceed during traffic hours, removing the existing bearings and installing the new bridge bearings, one by one.

Stage two used a synchronised jacking system to ensure that the new bearings were evenly loaded, and the final deck level was maintained. This work was undertaken during non-operational period.

French bridge bearing specialist firm Freyssinet worked with Aurecon to research and confirm the approach using the synchronised jacking system.

Aurecon’s work has included provisions to make bearing replacement easier in the future.

Aurecon's scope of work:

  • Condition survey for the existing bearing system of the three bridges
  • Feasibility study for bearing replacement works
  • Design the bridge bearing replacement scheme with Freyssinet
  • Prepare bearing schedules, bridge bearing types and construction details for the bridges
  • Prepare and submit documentation to obtain approval and consent for the works
  • Carry out site and topographic surveys and measurements
  • Assist MTR in preparing all tender documents for contractors
  • Provide construction monitoring

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