Brisbane Airport, Australia

Transforming Brisbane Airport to be a preferred airport of choice

The popularity of Brisbane as a tourist and business destination is continually growing. Hundreds of thousands of visitors arrive at its airport every week and Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) and Aurecon have worked collaboratively to transform the airport for passengers and service operators.

“We have a proud history of supporting Brisbane Airport’s development and continue to contribute to Brisbane Airport’s vision to be world best and the preferred choice for passengers, airlines, business and the community,” said Trinity Graham, Aurecon’s Brisbane Airport Client Manager.

Some of our recent projects include:

Virtual reality for international arrivals

Aurecon is using digital innovation to upgrade the entry control point facilities at Arrivals in the International Terminal.

A virtual reality model of the arrivals area was developed to test movement of passengers through the space, and which wayfinding objects make the passenger experience a pleasure.

Working in the virtual space means edits and changes can be made for instant design adjustments. Virtual reality enabled the efficient testing of improved way finding signage, clearly marked passenger channels, relocation and expansion of concourse automated Smart Gate kiosks, improved lighting and new floor finishes.

Learn more about how Aurecon and BAC used virtual reality to redesign wayfinding in the case study below:

Terminals Development Strategy

The future growth of the domestic and international terminal precincts is underpinned by the Terminals Development Strategy. To inform the Terminals Development Strategy, Aurecon facilitated a design-led deep-dive into BAC’s current business and future possibilities.

In an intense deep-dive, Aurecon identified potential risks, themes and opportunities that ranged from precinct design and experience to terminal and business operating models. The outcomes were potential future scenarios (and assumptions) that were taken to further testing before potentially being included in the Terminals Development Strategy.

The Terminals Development Strategy is about increasing connectivity, offering a unique experience and developing a business hub for BAC that responds to passenger demands and business growth.

Northern Concourse Expansion International Terminal

Aurecon’s engineering capabilities are helping to add two new gates to the International Terminal to suit bigger aircraft including the Airbus A380. In addition, passengers and service operators will have:

  • An extra 13 500 square metres of space
  • Six more boarding zones
  • New passenger zones
  • Four new aerobridges

With the existing terminal in full operation during construction of the new gates, Aurecon had to design major upgrades to be achieved whilst not interfering with daily operations. Electrical HV supply, relocation of existing cooling towers and major changes to security and to the baggage handling areas were designed to be constructed with no interruption to the existing terminal.

International Terminal Apron Expansion

With the airside of any terminal a major factor in airport expansions, the international terminal airport parking bays had to accommodate bigger aircraft and more of them.

Aurecon’s apron grading, pavement design, services design, specifications and construction surveillance skills are producing new bays 69-71, including masterplanning for grading and services capacity at bays 65-71. An additional Code F aircraft parking bay, and two Code E aircraft parking bays are included in the project and will be flexible to accommodate changing airport types in the future.

The International Terminal Apron Bays 69-71 forms part of Brisbane Airport’s International Terminal Apron Expansion (ITAE) and Redevelopment, and the new aircraft parking bays are a key component in accommodating the forecast growth of carriers.

Domestic Terminal Southern Apron Expansion

The completion of this major upgrade of the Domestic Terminal Southern Apron Expansion gave Brisbane Airport the only dual apron taxiways in Australia, allowing for the simultaneous arrival and departure of aircraft and therefore increasing efficiency for airlines and the airport.

The expansion comprised an extra 50 000 square metres of aircraft pavement providing seven additional aircraft parking bays and extra space for layover parking, giving airlines the capacity to increase scheduled services.

Stakeholder consultation was critical to the success of this project. Aurecon provided technical support to Brisbane Airport Corporation for their consultation with airlines, government agencies and service operators.

Completing construction works on time, safely and with high quality was important to maintain BAC’s reputation for providing suitable infrastructure for its aviation partners.

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