Doha Expressway, Qatar

The Doha Expressway was undertaken to provide a modern road network throughout the urban and rural parts of the city of Doha. The expressway forms part of the city's wider infrastructure programme.

Aurecon is providing engineering design, technical advisory and management support to KBR, the programme management consultant for the project. This has included value engineering, design reviews, strategic traffic modelling, utilities management and the production of interim design standards and details. With primary accountability for value engineering across the programme, Aurecon has worked with the design consultants in developing innovative solutions in areas such as tunnels, use of steel bridges, utilities corridors and Expressway interchange configurations.

The final outcome of the programme will be a complete, integrated highway network that covers all of Qatar, meeting the objectives of the Qatar Transport Masterplan and the Qatar Vision 2030. The expressway programme of some 32 expressways, freeways and highways is a key element that integrates and interfaces with the new Doha Metro scheme.

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