CPO Terminal and Facilities at Teluk Bayur Port, Indonesia

Aurecon developing concept design

  • Upgrading the existing facilities as well as the development of a new jetty
  • Aurecon's role: concept design
  • Clients: Pelabuhan Indonesia II

Aurecon was commissioned by Pelabuhan Indonesia II to develop the concept design for CPO loading and its associated facilities in Teluk Bayur Port, West Sumatra.

Over the past 10 years, CPO has been the main export commodity from the region. Data from 2014 shows that Teluk Bayur is handling up to 2.5 Million ton of CPO; this is expected to increase. The port handles shipments of CPO not only from West Sumatra, but also from other neighbouring provinces.

Aurecon’s scope of work includes upgrading the existing facilities as well as the development of a new jetty for CPO loading point. The concept design and study was completed in August 2014 and resulted in several recommendations to improve existing operation.

Key project activities:

  • Concept Design Development
  • Operation Pattern
  • Recommendations for Upgrade of Facilities

Tender process for Detail Engineering Design is expected to commence in February 2015, followed by construction.

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