Condition assessment asset register for Sydney Trains, Australia


Condition assessment asset register for Sydney Trains, Australia

Going digital delivers asset information for more efficient capital and maintenance workflows

Sydney Trains is the operator of rail services across the metropolitan Sydney area, and maintains a broad and diverse asset base. An Asset Management Implementation Programme identified that the condition, performance and location of infrastructure assets at all rolling stock maintenance depots had to be captured.

Contributing significantly to the railway network, the depots continually repair and upgrade reliability, and respond to client service needs.

Aurecon was engaged to conduct the condition assessments and inspections of all depot infrastructure assets, and then provide inputs for condition, functional performance and location data into the Sydney Trains central asset management system.

The real value of a condition assessment comes from the decisions made once the condition is known and taken in context of the lifecycle requirements of the asset. This is what was enabled through the approach to collect, collate, make sense and input the data.

A step change in business process

Infrastructure assets are the lifeblood of the rolling stock depots for Sydney Trains, and their accurate repair or replacement for safe and efficient operations is vital.

Aurecon’s digital engineering expertise made a real and tangible difference to this project, with the company’s Field Force App used to plan and conduct the asset inspections. The data attributes for each asset were identified against the project’s condition assessment criteria.

Information was then captured on a computer tablet at each depot, and the results configured for input to the central asset management system.

This included buildings, rail maintenance structures, utilities, waste collection points, pits, stores facilities, repair bays and lifting equipment. The output was a set of condition assessment reports for each depot and a statement of the suitability of each asset regarding its function and performance.

Aurecon also identified assets that required remediation and developed the initial budget needed to complete the works.

Analysis of the data contained in the central asset management system can be undertaken by Sydney Trains in the future to schedule maintenance works and analyse asset performance. It now has a much higher level of awareness of its depots as key strategic assets.

Using digital technology in this innovative way was a ground-breaking transformation in the way the rail services provider captures and stores rolling stock depot asset information. Aurecon’s digital platform was the powerful tool that captured data and ensured its seamless connection to the asset management system, to allow all depots to continue contributing to a quality and reliable railway network.

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